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Costa Rica

Costa Rica Hammocks

I had the privilege of spending the last 2 weeks in Costa Rica. There were a lot of amazing Costa Rica hammock spots. It was an unforgettable experience. From zip lines and water rafting next to a volcano in the mountain jungles to cliff jumping. Followed by horseback riding on the beach in the rain on some of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen. Each of these beaches contained hundreds of trees, perfect for strapping up a hammock and hanging in the afternoon breeze for a nice Hobo Hammock nap.

I was there for just 9 days, but each of these days was packed absolutely full of adventures. One such adventure came one night after some fine dancing at a club on the beach. Our crew decided we needed to get some midnight skinny dipping in so we all ran down the street towards the beach at a full spring.  As we approached the water we ripped our clothes off and ran across the pitch black midnight sky into the water, which immediately began to light up from the bioluminescent plankton residing therein. Then we turned our eyes toward the sky to see shooting stars falling every few seconds. As I stood naked in the ocean, surrounded by bioluminescent plankton and shooting stars, I realized that life is pretty cool.  We left the water after about a half hour of swimming.

Immediately after coming out of the water, we ran into 4 local police officers. These officers were a bit on the corrupt side and began bullying us, telling us that this was not a nude beach and that we would have to give them our passports and be detained for at least a week. I was the only one present who spoke Spanish, and I told them that a week was not a possibility as people had jobs to get back to. They told me the only other choice was to pay the “fine” to the 4 police officers, which happened to be a nice round $400. We were taken into the police station and asked us if we had any drugs on us. They had a bag of marijuana on the counter top in their police station. We were legitimately concerned that the police were going to try and plant the drugs on us and say it was ours. They searched us for drugs, after which we told the police that we only had $190, and they said that would work.

I asked for a receipt, but they couldn’t find any violations under the swimming naked category so they told me they couldn’t print a receipt for us. We walked away that night $190 poorer, but now possessed an incredible story to share with the world. It was worth the trade-off!

Another highlight was when I branched off on my own to go for a 6 mile run on the beach. I was 2 miles in, and I came across some locals playing beach soccer who asked me to join in. We played for an hour and had a blast just blending in with the locals doing what they do. I then finished my run and ended up on a majestic rock overlooking two huge beaches at Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Hammock Spot

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 3.19.48 PM

As elegantly illustrated by a member of our Costa Rica crew, here’s a summary of the trip:

Costa Crew 2015. We white water rafted class four rapids, and zip lined through the foggy jungle. Afterwards we sang our hearts out at karaoke, and drank more smoothies than we could count. Nelson knew us by name where we ate our weight in casados. The crew galloped horseback on a beach, and made some new friends. We danced the nights away, paddle boarded in the ocean, and kayaked around islands.

Somebody also stalked us for a while. We took a friend to the hospital. The police charged us a fee for skinny dipping (Bribery), and crashed a rental car into a semi. And everybody had diarrhea.

I think it’s safe to say we’ve had the real Costa Rican experience 😂

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The First Campout In A Hobo Hammock!

Campout in a Hammock

20150524_084421A few weeks ago, we took the first Hobo Hammock on it’s first camping adventure! Destination? Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado. It was about a 6 hour drive from our home in Salt Lake City. As we drove down south we were getting a lot of rain and we were a little nervous about how camping would be.

The experience was a far cry from glamping (camping with the same luxuries you would expect to find in a hotel or home) but luckily, our buddy Mikey got a 30 ft x 20 ft tarp that covered us all. The rain came blasting down pretty hard both nights, but we stayed dry under the tarp. Craig got to deflower the first Hobo Hammock. Before the Hobo Hammock, he had been using a single nest ENO hammock. He said he found the Hobo Hammmock to be much more comfortable for him. You can check out his breakdown of the hammock right here!

Campout in a hammock

In the daytime, the weather cleared up really nice. We were able to check out some pretty awesome cliff dwellings of the Hopi Indians. It was pretty wild to think about the way they would have had to climb up and down those cliffs to get to their homes. We had an amazing time, made possible by both an amazing and accommodating national park as well as awesome sleeping arrangements with hammocks and a giant tarp!

If you’ve considered getting into hammocking, check out our kickstarter! We have a deal going on for you right now where you can get a hammock with suspension straps included. Plus your purchase provides a meal to the homeless. Check it out!!!

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Indoor Hammocking

Hobo Hammocks - Indoor Double Hammock

Way Better Than Sleeping In A Bed!!!

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 7.17.09 PM
I recently moved in to a new home, from where I’ll be operating Hobo Hammocks! I love sleeping in hammocks so much that I decided to put one in my room! It was super easy to set up, and I’ll be adding a video soon so you can watch step-by-step and see just how easy it is! I got my wall mounting kit on Amazon for only $12. If you want to get one, click here!

To hang the hammock, just follow a few simple steps:

  1. Find the stud: The easiest way to do this is by using a stud finder. It will beep when you hit the edge of the stud. Then, just measure 3/4″ from the edge of the stud to find the center. You want to be sure you’re in the center of the stud so that the anchor will support the weight! (Not a fat joke)
  2. Drill into the stud with a 5/16″ drill bit. Go about 3″ deep (Or the length of the bolt you are using)
  3. Use a 9/16″ wrench to tighten the bolt into the stud through your elbow support.

And that’s it! Then you’re ready to clip your beaners into your newly mounted wall anchors and hang inside your own room!

With their mobility, versatility, and included straps, Hobo Hammocks work GREAT for indoor and outdoor hanging alike! AND every hammock purchased provides a free meal to the homeless! So head on over to our order page by clicking here and get yourself a Hobo Hammock!

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The Top Ten Places in the World to Set Up Your Hammock

It’s no secret that hammocking is an incredibly relaxing experience no matter where you do it, but why not reach a new level of Zen by checking these incredible hammock spots out! If any of this looks appealing but you don’t have a hammock yet, CLICK HERE: We’ll get you everything you need to get started on hammock camping!!!

64341_10153223573681679_1531862550544680659_n10- The Oregon Coast. Between the ocean breezes, the breathtaking views, and the endless trees, The Oregon Coast makes for a perfect place to get away and hammock to your hearts desire. Make sure to bring your rain fly on this trip, because they see a lot of rain around these parts.

131888_10151754422641679_911674869_o9- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. If you want solitude Rio is not the place for you. If you want beautiful views, awesome outdoor activities, and delicious food in every restaurant, then Rio should be your next destination.

20150503_2028268- Parley’s Canyon, Utah. On the east side of Salt Lake City, you’ll find Parley’s Canyon which takes you to Park City. But before you head up the canyon, set up your hammock for a view of Salt Lake City you won’t soon forget!

slack-line-festival-international-highline-meeting-2014-57- The Italina Alps. If you’re a thrillseeker, check out the slackline festival of Monte Piana. It offers not only a breathtaking view, but a huge adrenaline rush as well! Too much risk for you? Don’t worry, the Italian Alps offer plenty of beautful hammock spots without the butterflies.

havasupie6- Havasupai. An incredible Oasis in the middle of desert Arizona, Havasupai falls makes for a beautful, yet again breathtaking experience. From the views to the sounds to the weather, Havasupai is perfect. Everything about it. Bring your friends along for a trip you won’t soon be forgetting.


Nicaragua5- Nicaragua. For the “take it easy” hammocker. Lay back and watch the sun sink over the horizon. Central America is an often overlooked spot that should not be missed. An amazing, loving culture. So set up that hammock. It won’t be too long before locals join you.

1401555_10152339260091679_891909036_o4- Moab, Utah. Wow! Guaranteed to provide you with views like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Moab offers great camping and perfect weather for anybody who enjoys being outdoors. While you’re down there, you might as well check out the famous slick rock mountain biking trails, white water rafting trips, and world-famous climbs and slot canyons!




e0c103ed7fcc24b799ce606b2d6d28cf3- Phi Phi Island, Thailand. Head south in Thailand and you’ve got beaches and islands everywhere! You won’t believe the sunsets you see every single night. Add that to the best hospitality we’ve ever witnessed, and realize that you may end up quitting your job and moving to Thailand forever. We almost did!

FB_IMG_14282014086832- North Shore, Hawaii. Let’s face it. Everything’s better in Hawaii, and hammocking is no different. If you camp out in your hammock on North Shore, you’ll be rewarded with a sunrise that has the potential to change your life! Pictures and words are simply incapable of paying proper tribute to this moment.



Home1- Home. There are a lot of cool places you can take your hammock. You will see things that will stay with you forever. You will meet people that you never forget. But when you run out of money and PTO, you still have your hammock, and that’ll get you anywhere.

By now we’re sure you realize you need a hammock to travel the world properly…CLICK HERE: We’ll get you everything you need to get started on hammock camping!!!

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Changing the world one hammock at a time

We know what you’re thinking: “There are already a lot of camping hammocks out there, so what makes yours so special?” We’re not going to tell you that Hobo Hammocks are any different than an ENO or a Grand Trunk. Because to be honest with you, they’re not. And they don’t need to be. Those companies are making some stellar hammocks! We’re using the same materials, very similar sizing (Ours are a bit bigger), and the weight rating is identical.

However, that doesn’t mean that we are not the best choice for camping hammocks. Because we definitely are. Here’s why:

Our Cause:

Feeding the HomelessYeah, we’re producing and selling ridiculously awesome camping hammocks. But we’re doing a lot more than that. We are providing food to those who need it most. That’s because for every hammock we sell, we donate one delicious, nutritious meal to the homeless. We believe that everyone matters and we are doing our part to show it. Here’s one of the groups we are helping!

Our Straps:
StrapsHanging straps should do two things: 1- Be nice to the trees. 2- Keep you off the ground. Hobo straps are wide enough to avoid damaging trees, and have a weight rating of over 400 lbs. By keeping the straps simple, we are able to include them with every hammock we sell. That means when your hammock arrives on your doorstep, you’re ready for adventure!

Our Structure:
We know how to keep costs low without sacrificing product quality. That’s because “We” is actually “Me”. My name is Jake, and I am the owner, founder, and sole member of Hobo Hammocks, LLC. The idea of Hobo Hammocks was born April 8, 2015 when I decided to combine my favorite things of all time: food, philanthropy, and hammocks. As of May 8, 2015, I have a total social media following of 2200, with a growth of 50-100 new total followers every day. Through said social media, I’ve already received over 50 requests to pre-order Hobo Hammocks. I know how to get my message out there without dropping a bunch of dollar bills to do it, which means I can use those dollar bills to feed the homeless while keeping costs down for my buyers.

Bottom line: We’re going to hook you up with a ridiculously awesome camping hammock, and we’re going to hook the homeless up with some real nice din din!

Click here to check out the Double Hobo Hammock!

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Parley’s Canyon at Dusk

20150503_202350If you have ever made it out to Utah, you’ve experienced the vast, endless beauty it has to offer. Whether your visit was in winter, spring, summer, or fall, Utah has it all. Last night I took to the hills east of Salt Lake City with a couple buddies. The pictures you see here at at the mouth of Parley’s Canyon, the canyon that takes you from Salt Lake City to Park City, famous for it’s incomparable ski resorts. We found a couple rocks to string up the hammock for a perfect evening view of another beautiful Utah sunset. If you haven’t experienced one, get on it!

20150503_202826Being in a place like this makes you really think about life. When I am in the mountains in my hammock I feel as if I’m losing myself and finding myself all at once. There are not words to accurately describe this transcendental experience. You’re up there and you’re looking over all that beauty and your shooting the breeze with your buddies, joking about the crazy adventures you had that weekend, and the crazy adventures you’ll have the next weekend. And the simplicity of life comes flooding back in, pushing out all your stress and worries. They’re gone, no longer a part of who you are at this moment in time.

20150503_204839In order to create the ideal set up, teamwork is often required. The rock I was sitting on in this photograph was a bit more pointed than I would have liked, and setting up these hammocks was far from what I would call a comfortable experience. The rock was unkind to my behind, and my buddy weighs about 200 lbs. He struggled to get the hammock ropes tied around the pole as I struggled to hold him up and keep the rock from violating me. All three of us laughing through it all.


20150503_205802But it was definitely worth it. Lounging over the city and laughing endlessly as story after story unfolds, passersby looking on quite jealously. We stopped to talk to some of them on our way down, and they wanted to purchase a couple Hobo Hammocks so they could do the same! I referred them to our website and they ordered the next day. It’s an incredibly rewarding experience to meet like-minded people who share your passions and have a desire to be a part of what you are building.

20150503_205503I invite you to find your escape. Step away from your current world, and make yourself a new one. One where you are free from anything that’s holding you down, and anything that is stressing you out or withholding happiness from your life. This world is beautiful…Go find it!

Peace and Love!


If you don’t have a hammock, but you think this looks like a good time, get yourself a Hobo Hammock by clicking here! You’ll be glad you did, and you’ll also be providing a meal to someone in need!

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It’s all about the double hammock

20150315_002335I tried camping in a single hammock one night of my life. It was miserable. To me, it seemed more like a half person hammock than a single hammock. I couldn’t understand why people are getting so into hammock camping. Then, at the endless requests of a few of my buddies, I tried one more time, this time with a double hammock. I’ve been addicted to hammock camping ever since.

The double hammock provides more space to get into more comfortable sleeping positions, along with the ability to cocoon yourself, providing protection from the cold wind. It also works great for a good hammock cuddle if that’s your thing. While we don’t recommend sharing a hammock for an overnighter, having a nap buddy in your hammock for an hour or two can be quite enjoyable. Hobo Hammocks are built to provide space for you to move around and get comfortable, or squeeze in your cuddle buddy for a while.

If you haven’t tried out the double hammock, you need to. Because it’s a game changer!

You can check out the Hobo Hammocks Double Hammock here. And straps come included!

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Hammock Hives

FB_IMG_1428201767335From our experiences, hammock hives are unparalleled when it comes to an unforgettable camping experience. We’ve been involved with hives consisting of anywhere from 3 hammocks to 20 hammocks, and each hive has provided dozens of unique opportunities and memories.

We all know that the later it gets, the more interesting and entertaining the conversation becomes. So it makes sense that when you’re out hammock hive camping with all your friends, you are sure to laugh until you can’t breathe, and then settle down for some high quality real talk about life.

Another huge opportunity that comes with hammock hives is the warmth. If it is cold or threatening to rain, all you need to do is throw a big tarp over the hive and you will keep each other warm at temperatures into the 30’s (Fahrenheit)!

If you’re looking for a cozy, unforgettable camping trip, you can’t go wrong with the hammock hive! Save on shipping by combining orders with your friends! $5 total shipping no matter how many hammocks you order!

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Hammocking Hawaii

FB_IMG_1428201408683If you’ve never been to Hawaii, you need to check it out ASAP! You’ll find endless pristine perches on beaches, mountain tops, and pretty much anywhere else that you find yourself on the islands! With your Hobo Hammock by your side, you can camp all over the island and take in the beauty that awaits you! Here’s a user submitted video of their trip to Hawaii!