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The Knapsack (Or Bindle) – Do Some Good

bindle knapsack

Why the Knapsack (Bindle) – Do Some Good!

First things first. Bindle is technically the correct term, not knapsack. But more important than the name is what it stands for. This small, makeshift luggage was made to carry the bare necessities of the wanderer.

A couple years ago, a buddy and I decided to live out of our hammocks for the summer on an abandoned softball field. We kept all of our necessities in our cars and lived the simple life of a vagabond. Despite a couple run-ins with the police, a moth army attack, a few showerless days, and many probing questions, we loved every minute of it! There is something liberating about having everything you need with you at all times. I originally chose the knapsack (bindle) to represent the Hobo brand because it is a reflection of this lifestyle.

Bindle KnapsackWhen we lived as Hobos by choice it was in the summer. The weather was pleasant and comfortable and for the most part we had access to any amenities we needed. It wasn’t really difficult or comparable to real homelessness. Many people are stuck living on the streets throughout the year without any access to basic necessities. Things like food, water, a hot shower, or electricity. They survive the rainy days and the snowy nights with nothing more than a sleeping bag, a real knapsack, and a park bench… and most of them do it with an incredibly positive attitude! A lot of them are trying to find a way off the streets, and there are amazing organizations such as The Rescue Mission of Salt Lake that are helping with this.

Focus Outwardly

I see the bindle as a reminder that there are people struggling on the daily. Not just the homeless but everybody we meet.  Everybody has something weighing them down, and we have the power to take some serious weight off their shoulders.

If you’re anything like me the majority of your thoughts go something like this:  “I have so many projects to do and not enough time to do them”… “I’m so hungry, I want food”…”I could really use a good makeout right now”… “I need a nap”…  Every day I’m very guilty of these self-centered thoughts and so are you. But we can change that with a little effort.

It’s usually a lot easier and more enjoyable to satisfy the needs of others than it is to satisfy our own. Before we can do that, we have to know what they need. That is the purpose of the bindle. To arouse awareness. To turn our thoughts to giving instead of taking. I need this reminder. I need to have something constantly in front of me reminding me that I have friends, family, roommates, colleagues, etc. that just need a dog turd wiped off their shoe.

So go find some stinky dog turd shoes and remember that everybody is dealing with crap, not just you and me. Make an effort to discover others’ needs, fulfill those needs, and then tell me about it. Shoot me an email and share. I want to hear your bindle story!

Hobo Hammocks

Bindle Knapsack

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Hobo Hammocks vs ENO Hammock

Hobo Hammocks VS ENO hammock

Hobo Hammocks vs Double Nest ENO Hammock

Check out this video made by our friend Jason, over at  In it, he compares ENO hammock Vs. Hobo Hammocks

Hobo Hammock vs ENO DoubleNest Hammock Reviewed Side by Side:
The carabiners that come with ENO have sharp ends, which I’m not a huge fan of. I end up using my own carabiners. (I have not seen the new wire carabiners that come with ENO hammocks now.) Hobo Hammocks include hanging straps in the $59 purchase price. Do ENO hammocks come with straps? No. ENO hammocks do not include hanging straps in their $69.95 purchase price – you’ll have to spend more money.

The Hobo Hammock is bigger than the ENO doublenest hammock. The Hobo Hammock is 10 ft x 6 ft 6 inches, while the ENO hammock is 9 ft 4 inches x 6 ft 2 inches. When you look at the ends of the cord that runs through the hammocks – the ENO end is neat and crisp. The nylon on both hammocks is very similar. I like that Hobo Hammock is very involved with their community due to the fact that they feed the homeless in their community. Hobo Hammocks also has a recycle and reuse program.


If you end up choosing Hobo Hammocks, you can use the coupon code “hcrbeta” to receive $5 off of your purchase. You can use the link: HCRBeta receives a small referral fee when you purchase your Hobo Hammock through the links here at HCRBeta.”

This video outlines the basic advantages and disadvantages of both brands. This Hobo Hammocks vs ENO video will give you some good guidelines on what to look for when considering your next hammock purchase. Enjoy the video, and let me know if you have any comments, questions, or concerns!”

Happy Hanging!

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Hammocks for sale – Brand Comparison

Hammocks for sale

Which Hammock Should I Buy?

Hammocks for sale – Brand Comparison

With so many hammocks for sale these days, you are likely wondering, “Which hammock should I buy?” We’ve put together this comparison chart with one of our top competitors in the market, so you can see the Hobo difference! Let’s be honest, no matter which company you choose, you’re not going to be disappointed. But why settle for great, when you can have incredible!

One of the things we pride ourselves on most is our lifetime unlimited warranty. That means if you EVER rip, tear, or otherwise damage your hammock, we will send you a replacement for free! And when you send in your old hammock, we will fix it and donate it to a homeless person who needs a place to sleep! Add to that the meal to the homeless we are providing with every hammock sold, the straps that come included with the hammock, and the free shipping offered with every purchase, and you can see that we are here to make you happy!

All of our hammocks are double hammocks because…well single hammocks just don’t quite cut it. Whether you’re hammocking alone, or with your lover…or your pet llama, our double hammocks are perfectly sized for your comfort and enjoyment. These hammocks are ready for whatever you plan on throwing at them. If you’re still wondering, “Which hammock should I buy?” Then we give up. I think we’ve made it pretty clear why Hobo is the number one choice!

Most importantly, you must remember that no matter what company you choose, you’re going to be happy. But if you go with Hobo, you’re going to be ECSTATIC!

If you have any questions please feel free to get at us! And as always, happy hanging!
(Awesome infographic provided by our friend Jason with HCR Beta. Find more great camping tips at

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Weekend Voyagers Rockin’ Hobo Hammocks!

weekend voyagers

Weekend Voyagers!

It doesn’t matter what season it is, the outdoors can always offer you something truly unique and special. And Weekend Voyagers is here to prove that! Check out their YouTube channel and you’ll see how to have a good time!

Weekend Voyagers are all about having fun! They aren’t afraid to try new things, and go new places. It’s funny how often in life we have these ideas that seem like great things to do, but we are lazy and we find reasons not to do them. We say things like, “I don’t want to be in a car that long.” Or, “I have other things I need to get done.” Let me tell you something. While it’s easy to find a reason not to go, these are all terrible excuses that are stopping you from enjoying the beautiful things in life. Get out there and do stuff!

Weekend Voyagers understand this idea, and live it to the max. If you have places you want to go, what’s stopping you? Why haven’t you gone yet? Think about whatever reasoning you are giving and ask yourself if it is really good reasoning…I would bet that it is not.

Get out there

So go swing on that giant rope swing, swim through that waterfall, and sand surf behind that jeep. We don’t regret doing these things in life, so why do we make excuses not to do them?! It’s insanity really. I absolutely love the message that Weekend Voyagers conveys, and I respect that they don’t let anything get in their way. I think we could all learn a valuable lesson and enjoy life a little bit more by following in their footsteps!

Because of their perspective on life, these guys don’t hold back on adventure, and are ready for whatever comes their way! If you have any adventure ideas that you’d like to see Hobo Hammocks sponsor, email your ideas to us at

Happy Hanging!

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An Awesome Hammock Party Put On By The UF Hammock Club!

Hammock Ladder

Giant Hammock Ladder

The hammock party you are about to watch is an awesome representation of what hammocking should be all about. Just a group of friends getting together to enjoy the outdoors and build a monstrous hammock ladder! The event took place on a beautiful, sunny day in Gainesville, Florida. With the success and huge turnout they had, they are excited to plan more events every year and grow the hammock club!

If you’ve never been part of a hammock ladder, it’s a whole lot of fun! Click here to see step by step instructions on how to climb a hammock ladder, and go ahead and subscribe to our YouTube channel while you’re there!

We love the warm weather, as it provides ample opportunities for hammock camping and just hammocking in general! Living in Utah, there are so many places to see, and so many things to do, and most of these things are a lot more fun when you bring along your trusty Hobo Hammocks! Check out our Adventures Blog to see some of the places we’ve gone!

Take a look around you and find your next adventure! Don’t let anything get in your way or stop you, because that would be tragic. There’s so much awesome everywhere we go. Please go find it. When you do, you’ll think of a million more ideas of awesome things to check out. Chase them all. Surround yourself with the people you love and chase your dreams! There’s absolutely no reason not to.

I took a month long trip to Thailand a couple years ago, and it helped me see just how many amazing things are out there waiting for us. There is beauty all around. Go get it.

If you have any hammock stories you’d like to share, hit us up at

Happy Hanging!

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10 Different Ways To Camp

Hammock Camping Double Hobo Hammock

First off, if you’re reading this page, you probably already have some camping experience under your belt. No doubt you’ve experienced the glory of tent camping, but how many other styles of camping have you tried out? Because there are a lot of ways to camp, you may need some guidance on variation for your next camping trips. Look no further! Introducing 10 different ways to spend the night on your next camping trip!

Ways To Camp

  1. Tent Camping – The traditional, perhaps most well known way of getting out into mother nature. Tent technology has evolved a lot, making tents more lightweight and versatile than ever before!
    camping tent camp

  2. RV (Motor Home) Camping – You enjoy camping but are not to eager to leave some of the amenities you’re used to. RV’s might be right up your alley. While it’s not cheap, it does allow you to say hello to mother nature without saying goodbye to the comfort of your home.
    RV Camping

  3. Under The Stars – For the more adventurous campers, this style of camping provides a more magical experience. Away from the light pollution of the city, you’ve got a pretty great chance of seeing shooting stars. Drift into sleep as you contemplate how small we are in this universe!
    Starry Sky - Camping under the stars

  4. Car Camping – While it may not be the most comfortable way to go, camping out in your car is perfect for those looking for a quick trip to nature. No setup required. Immediate Escape!
    Car Camping

  5. Hammock Tent – A relatively new style of camping, hammock tents provide the freedom of hanging in a hammock, and the stability of camping in a tent. They’re a little more work to set up, but many say that the results are well worth the effort! Click on the picture to see some awesome hammock tents on Amazon!

  6. Treehouse Camping – Find your inner kid again by throwing your sleeping bag up in a treehouse and spending the night. There’s something liberating about letting yourself just be a kid again, and camping out in a treehouse is a great way to put things in perspective!
    Treehouse tree house camping

  7. Hostiles – I spent a month of my last summer in Thailand. There were hostiles everywhere. They were cheap. They were deep in the jungle. And they were perfect! While I had beds and shelter, I still was surrounded by jungle and nature. It was an experience I won’t ever forget!
    Hostile Camping

  8. Snow Cave – For the more hard core campers, this is the best way to camp in the wintertime. If you build yourself a nice igloo or snow cave, then you’ll be shocked at how warm you can stay bundled up inside this winter shelter!
    Snow Cave Camping

  9. Cabin – Another option for the wealthier campers out there who love feeling “home” even when out in the mountains. The cabin is a definite win and a guaranteed good time for everyone involved!
    Cabin Camping

  10. Finally, Hammock Camping – Obviously our preferred way to be outdoors! In a hammock you get comfort. Also, you can hang solo or build a hammock hive with your friends. Plus, you can cocoon yourself inside or leave it open and look out at and admire the universe. Once you throw your sleeping pad and sleeping bag inside, you can stay warm and comfortable even in lower temperatures! I personally was introduced to hammock camping about 3 years ago and I’ve never looked back. If you haven’t tried it out yet, get yourself a Hobo Hammock, and change your camping experience forever!
    Hammock Camping Double Hobo Hammock

Ultimately, whatever method you prefer, the important thing is that you are getting out there and experiencing all that mother nature has to offer. Since adventure is out there, you should probably go get it!

Finally, if you have any other methods of camping you’ve tried out, let us know! We’d love to hear about it!

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The Only Hammock Knot You’ll Ever Need: How To Hang a Hammock!

How to Hang | Hammock Knot

If you’ve ever asked yourself how to hang a hammock, here it is: the only hammock knot you’ll ever need! It’s an infographic made by Emily Caraballo @ Ice Design! It outlines 3 super easy steps teaching you how to tie the only knot you’ll ever need for your hammock. This knot is useful for a whole slew of other things, too. It’s super easy to tie, and even easier to untie. Check it out!

Pretty easy, right? Just in case you have any questions, here’s a step-by-step hammock knot video: How To Hang a Hammock!


Hammock Knot video dialogue

“Today I’m gonna’ show you the only knot you’ll ever need for your hammock. You take your webbing, and you’re gonna’ thread it through the top, down through the biner, and then pull it off to the right.

Once you get that to the desired length, you’re going to take the tale of the webbing and flip it over the top of the webbing, just like this to the left there. You started going down, know you’re going to come back up with the webbing and pull a little loop through the loop you just made.

So you see right there you’ve got a loop and you’ve got a tail. You can put as much weight as you want on that. It’s not going to budge. The great thing is that as soon as you wanna’ untie this. All you gotta’ do is grab the tail end of the knot, and you just pull on it and that comes right out and you’re free quick and easy.

So I use that knot on my carabiners. You can see here I’ve got my hammock strung up using that modified clove hitch. You can also use it to tie the tree end. I have the metal clamps that I just threaded it through so I don’t need to do that here but it’s just as easy. So now that we’ve got that knot let’s go ahead and test it out, make sure it’ll hold me up.

So you can see here I’m in the hammock no problem. Suspended off the ground. Got those loops holding me up. Now the great thing is when you wanna’ get out, just grab that tail, pull, like I told ya’ earlier, really easy to get it down. Quick setup, quick takedown, this knot is AWESOME!

Thanks for watching!

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us an email at


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Introducing 3 New Hammock Colors!

Check it out! We’ve added 3 new hammock colors to our flawless collection. And guess what, we’re gonna’ keep on growing. And we’ve got a huge surprise in store for you! Just wait ’til you see it, it’s gonna’ blow you away! In the meantime, take a look at our current selection!

Whether you’re looking for a nap between classes or a weekend getaway, Hobo Hammocks are the perfect solution to all your hanging needs! Remember, every purchase comes with 2 sturdy 10 foot long hanging straps, and we provide a meal to the homeless with every single hammock we sell!

Shop Our New Hammock Colors

New Hammock Colors


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10 Awesome Date Ideas Using Hammocks!!!

Purple People Eater

Date Ideas

Ever since being introduced to the world of hammocking about 4 years ago, I’ve loved everything about it. I try to integrate it into my life as much as possible, which is why I now present to you this list of 10 awesome date ideas using hammocks!!!

The Date Ideas

  1. Pack a picnic and go on a day hike to a waterfall. Hang your hammock near the waterfall for a relaxing afternoon nap! Nothing says romance like the sound of a majestic waterfall crashing down as you doze off spooning your lover in your double hobo hammock.

  2. Grab your ukulele/guitar then play some tunes for your lover in your hammock as the sun sets over the ocean. Bonus points for writing a song just for them.

  3. Build a hammock ladder and have a contest to see who can climb it the fastest! To see a video that shows how to climb the ladder, click here!

  4. Just go camping together! Camping is a great way to get some high quality time together without  having any of the normal distractions around, especially if you’ve been in a relationship for a while.

  5. For a group date, build a hammock hive. It’s a fun challenge to see how close together you can get the hammocks, and if you’re spending the night, then throw a tarp over the hammock hive and you will stay plenty warm. While it may be cold outside, having all those warm bodies bundled up close together will make things nice and toasty!

  6. Go winter hammocking. Hammocking can get quite chilly. Bring along that special someone and double up to stay warm and toasty on your great winter adventures!

  7. Use your car plus another random object to come up with the most random/cool hammocking spot. Share it on your favorite social media and use #hobohammocks for a chance to win a free hammock!

  8. Have a campfire and hang your hammock next to the fire to capture the warm ambience of the fire and the comfort of the hammock. Nothing brings out good stories and conversation like a solid campfire.

  9. Install a hammock in your partners bedroom using this easy to use indoor hammock hanging kit. If they don’t appreciate this act of love, then maybe you need to find yourself a new partner.

  10. Snag a laptop and cocoon yourselves into the hammock while you watch a nice romantic comedy inside the hammock!

Get out there

This list ought to keep you busy with your hammock and your partner for a while. If you’ve got any other great date ideas, then share them! Share your pictures on your favorite social media and use hashtag: #hobohammocks for your chance to win a free hammock!


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Costa Rica

Costa Rica Hammocks

I had the privilege of spending the last 2 weeks in Costa Rica. There were a lot of amazing Costa Rica hammock spots. It was an unforgettable experience. From zip lines and water rafting next to a volcano in the mountain jungles to cliff jumping. Followed by horseback riding on the beach in the rain on some of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen. Each of these beaches contained hundreds of trees, perfect for strapping up a hammock and hanging in the afternoon breeze for a nice Hobo Hammock nap.

I was there for just 9 days, but each of these days was packed absolutely full of adventures. One such adventure came one night after some fine dancing at a club on the beach. Our crew decided we needed to get some midnight skinny dipping in so we all ran down the street towards the beach at a full spring.  As we approached the water we ripped our clothes off and ran across the pitch black midnight sky into the water, which immediately began to light up from the bioluminescent plankton residing therein. Then we turned our eyes toward the sky to see shooting stars falling every few seconds. As I stood naked in the ocean, surrounded by bioluminescent plankton and shooting stars, I realized that life is pretty cool.  We left the water after about a half hour of swimming.

Immediately after coming out of the water, we ran into 4 local police officers. These officers were a bit on the corrupt side and began bullying us, telling us that this was not a nude beach and that we would have to give them our passports and be detained for at least a week. I was the only one present who spoke Spanish, and I told them that a week was not a possibility as people had jobs to get back to. They told me the only other choice was to pay the “fine” to the 4 police officers, which happened to be a nice round $400. We were taken into the police station and asked us if we had any drugs on us. They had a bag of marijuana on the counter top in their police station. We were legitimately concerned that the police were going to try and plant the drugs on us and say it was ours. They searched us for drugs, after which we told the police that we only had $190, and they said that would work.

I asked for a receipt, but they couldn’t find any violations under the swimming naked category so they told me they couldn’t print a receipt for us. We walked away that night $190 poorer, but now possessed an incredible story to share with the world. It was worth the trade-off!

Another highlight was when I branched off on my own to go for a 6 mile run on the beach. I was 2 miles in, and I came across some locals playing beach soccer who asked me to join in. We played for an hour and had a blast just blending in with the locals doing what they do. I then finished my run and ended up on a majestic rock overlooking two huge beaches at Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Hammock Spot

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 3.19.48 PM

As elegantly illustrated by a member of our Costa Rica crew, here’s a summary of the trip:

Costa Crew 2015. We white water rafted class four rapids, and zip lined through the foggy jungle. Afterwards we sang our hearts out at karaoke, and drank more smoothies than we could count. Nelson knew us by name where we ate our weight in casados. The crew galloped horseback on a beach, and made some new friends. We danced the nights away, paddle boarded in the ocean, and kayaked around islands.

Somebody also stalked us for a while. We took a friend to the hospital. The police charged us a fee for skinny dipping (Bribery), and crashed a rental car into a semi. And everybody had diarrhea.

I think it’s safe to say we’ve had the real Costa Rican experience 😂