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The Ultimate Hammock Comparison

Compare Hammocks

First off, I just want to clarify that all of these companies are great companies. Each one brings something unique to the table, and no matter which one you choose, you’re going to be happy with your purchase! However, we wanted to provide an in depth guide to compare hammocks. We searched through the official website of each company. Our findings are what follows.

We noticed Bear Butt advertising an incredibly low price of $39 double hammies, but after you add in the cost of shipping and straps…it’s still a good deal, but not quite as good as it originally looks. With free shipping and straps included in your purchase, Hobo Hammocks are the least expensive option. 

At 19 ounces, Hobo Hammocks are very light weight and comparable to the competition. Hobo Hammocks have a weight capacity of 540 lbs. This far exceeds the weight capacity of the competitors. Then the extras! You just can’t beat a lifetime unlimited warranty. Not to mention the recycling program and donating a meal to the homeless for every purchase. Here’s the head-to-head matchups… 

ENO vs. Hobo Hammocks

ENO vs. Hobo Hammocks: Hobo hammocks are lower cost, with a higher weight capacity, lifetime unlimited warranty, recycling, and giving back program. Keep in mind, all this information has been acquired through the company websites!

Bear Butt vs. Hobo Hammocks

Bear Butt vs. Hobo Hammocks. We love these guys. They have a pretty good gig going on. But after you factor in shipping and straps, Hobo Hammocks are actually lower cost. They’re also the same weight, higher weight capacity, similar size, and have a giving back program. 

Trek Light vs. Hobo Hammocks

Serac vs. Hobo Hammocks

Trek Light Gear and Serac Sequoia XL are both much more expensive, with a lower weight capacity, no lifetime unlimited warranty, and no recycling program.

Fox vs. Hobo Hammocks

Fox Neolite is more expensive, with a smaller weight capacity, limited warranty, and no giving back program. 

Hummingbird vs. Hobo Hammocks

Hummingbird Hammocks are so rad! But it does come at an extra cost. Hobo hammocks are lower cost, with a larger weight capacity, lifetime unlimited warranty, and a giving back program. 

Kammok Roo vs. Hobo Hammocks

When you compare Grand Trunk and Kammok Roo to Hobo Hammocks you can see they are higher cost, larger weight, with limited warranty, and no recycling program. 

The Results

So there you have it. An in depth comparison to the top competitors. When it comes to making a hammock, Hobo Hammocks has it down. They are light weight, large, have a high weight capacity, and an awesome cost! Not to mention when you buy a Hobo Hammock you receive a lifetime unlimited warranty, and donate a meal to the homeless. Don’t forget to use code hhblogfollower for $7 off your order when you purchase. How do you think Hobo Hammocks compare? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Happy Hanging! 

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What you get (and give) when you buy a hammock

Aside from getting a high quality product when you buy a hammock, you will also receive things most other companies don’t provide (for free). Not to mention, with each purchase you are giving back! Check out some of the awesome things you get with your purchase and a little more about why we are so passionate about helping the homeless. Also, don’t forget to use code hhblogfollower for $7 off your order because we think our readers are awesome.


What you get

Lifetime unlimited warranty

We offer lifetime unlimited warranty on your Hobo Hammock. Send your broken or malfunctioning hammock in and tell us why it broke, and get yourself a brand new hammock. A Hobo Hammock is a hammock for life. Today, tomorrow, or ten years down the road, the warranty still stands because you know… unlimited.

We also want your old hammocks! We recycle and repair old portable hammocks, and then donate them to the homeless. If you have an old hammock, click here to find out how to trade it in and receive a brand new one at a heavily discounted price.

Free shipping

Hobo Hammocks offers free shipping on your order. The price of your hammock is the price at checkout. No need to tack on an additional cost for shipping. Awesome. We know.

Hanging straps

While most other companies charge an additional fee for their hammock hanging straps, we provide ours with the purchase of your hammock. This is a cost savings for you of $10 (or more!) When you buy a hammock you have everything you need to head outdoors and set it up. No additional purchases required.


What you give


Buy a hammock, feed the homeless

We realize the homeless have a lot of difficulties and our mission and passion is to find solutions. To start, when you buy a hammock we provide one healthy meal to the homeless.

But that’s not all. We wanted to do more so we teamed up with the Rescue Mission of Salt Lake. Together we are focusing our efforts on not only feeding the homeless, but helping them find jobs and apartments. Learn more about the Rescue Mission’s program here.

We are passionate about creating scenarios where everybody wins, and that’s exactly what your purchase with Hobo Hammocks will do.

Portable Hammocks


Now you understand why Hobo Hammocks are the best. You get a great quality product, unlimited warranty, free accessories, free shipping, and you get to give back. So go buy a hammock, you know you want to. Happy Hanging!

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Hammock camping hacks that are actually useful

Hammock Camping Hacks

There is nothing like sleeping under the stars. It is what I spend all winter dreaming about. That being said, there are a few things that can make camping just straight up not enjoyable. Being wet in your sleeping bag, freezing all night, spending hours trying to start your fire…use these hacks to prevent the common problems you run into while hammock camping!

Hammock Camping Hacks


No Mo’ Frozen Shoes

Maybe you accidentally fell into the nearby stream, or maybe you spent too much time in the snow and your boots are soaked through. Whatever the case, wet or frozen shoes are the worst. To dry out wet shoes replace the soles with newspaper or clothing over night. During colder temperatures place your wet shoes in a gallon bag and bring them in the hammock with you. They will still be wet, but they won’t freeze overnight!


Drip Line

Calling for rain but can’t fight the urge to get outside? Don’t worry. Make sure you bring your rain fly and set up a drip line. A drip line is just a small piece of rope or string that is tied to your hammock hanging straps. It will cause the water to drip off the string instead of into your hammock, keeping you dry and warm!


Sleeping Bag Cocoon

If you are getting an icy bum when you go hammock camping, use this trick to keep you toasty warm. Zip your sleeping bag all the way up then using your second zipper, unzip a little hole in the bottom of your sleeping bag. String your sleeping bag through your hammock (through the hole you just made). Tighten the other side of the sleeping bag so no cold air is coming in. This sleeping bag cocoon will act as an under quilt and an over quilt, keeping you toasty warm all night!


Trick Candle Firestarter

There are lots of different fire starters out there and you may have your favorite, but it never hurts to bring a back up. We suggest trick birthday candles or re-light birthday candles. They are great in the wind, super cheap, and light!


Sleeping Socks

Sleeping with wet clothes  is the WORST and socks especially. As a favor to your future self, pack a pair of clean dry socks in the bottom of your sleeping bag. Use them only at night while sleeping to keep those feet happy, dry, and warm! These socks might just be the perfect pair 🙂


Glow in the Dark Zippers

How awesome would it be to know exactly where your zipper is when you finally decide you can’t hold it one more second at 2 in the morning? Let us help you prevent disaster with glow in the dark zippers. Take glow in the dark parachute cord and tie a piece to your zippers. Glow in the dark, and extra long zippers, yay!


We hope you find these hacks useful. Let us know if you use them on your next adventure! What are some of your favorite hammock camping hacks? As always, happy hanging!

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Must have gear for the college adventurer

Prepping for college? Check out this list to make sure you have all the right adventure gear for the ultimate college experience. Hint: Hammock included – cause seriously, hammocking rocks!

Travel Power Pack

We love getting outside, and we love to document our journey. Don’t get wherever you’re going and realize your phone/laptop is out of juice! It can also power your laptop during those long study sessions when you forget your charging cord. Definitely worth preventing the headache.

A Good Backpack

Emphasis on good. Choose the right one and it will be your best friend for the next 4+ years. Whether you’re hiking trails or the hills of campus, a backpack with good support to hold all your adventure gear will make a world of difference.


Layers, Layers, Layers! A long day of classes followed by a fun getaway calls for lots of layers. A pullover is the perfect layering piece. Pull it on when you get chilly then take it off when it warms up. It is lightweight and not bulky so it won’t take up a ton of space. Plus, you are always prepared for a spontaneous adventure!

Solar Light

These have tons of different uses. Light up your back porch for an outdoor party, or bring them with you to camp. You never need to worry about batteries running out, and they have some pretty cool options. These inflatable solar lights would be awesome for backpacking.


Seriously. Necessity! Perfect for on campus relaxing, or serious adventuring. Wherever you’re going if you have your hammock with you, anywhere can be camp. Hammocking life = the best life. Because we want you to be ready for any adventure, and because we are super stoked you read this far, use code hhblogfollower for $7 dollars off your order of your Hobo Hammock.

Do you already have a Hobo Hammock that has been adventuring with you? Send us your pictures and win free gear! Check out our Instagram for more info.

Adventure Gear | Hammocking

A Nice Hat

Woke up late for class and didn’t have time to shower? Hat. Went into the mountains and made it back just in time for class? Hat. Super sunny and want some shade? Hat. See where I’m going with this? The possibilities are endless. You need a hat.

Bluetooth speaker

A portable bluetooth speaker is perfect to listen to tunes while hammocking, or just around the dorm. There are so many options out there in all price ranges so you can be sure to find exactly what you are looking for, at a price you are willing to pay. What features should you look for? Waterproof or partially waterproof, long battery life, small, durable, and good sound!

Water Bottle

If you spend time outside I’m sure you have a water bottle. But do you have one that filters your water? The All Clear UV Purifier Bottle from Camelbak, uses UV to purify your water in 60 seconds. Very cool. If you have a study abroad trip planned next semester, or if you just spend a lot of time in the back-country, this is a great tool. If you don’t need to worry about finding clean water, try a stainless steel water bottle. They are dish-washer safe, don’t get some of the nasty smells some water bottles get, and you can buy insulated versions. There are a lot of popular brands out there including Kleen Kanteen, Yeti, and Hydroflask.

Adventure Shoes

Tevas, Chacos, Tennis shoes, oh my! Whatever your preference for adventure shoe, you definitely need a pair. If you are looking for something lightweight, inexpensive (mostly), and provides a little more coverage, go with the classic tennis shoe. Tevas and Chacos are a little more pricy but will likely hold up all through your college years. Although they are not all season, they are the classic outdoor adventure shoe. Is it really summer without those chaco tan lines?

This guide is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to adventure gear. What are your must have adventure gear items? Happy Hammocking!

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How to get comfortable in your hammock

Hammock Camping Tips

7 tips for perfect hammocking | best hammock guide

Summer is here and that means hammock camping! Whether you are a beginner to hammocking or an experienced hammocker, we can all have an uncomfortable hang from time to time. But no need to fear, there are plenty of ways to adjust to get comfortable in your hammock. Check out these tips to have the best hammock experience!

  1. Hang the hammock with nice sag

    If the sides of your hammock come up around you, you are finding it difficult to move or change positions, or you are feeling shoulder or calf pressure, you might have your hammock hung too tight. For the best hammock hang, the straps should hang approximately 30 degrees down from horizontal. Don’t fear the sag!
    Best Hammock Guide | Don't fear the sag

  2. Check the level of your hammock

    If you find yourself slipping to one side check to make sure that your hammock straps are at the same height and approximately the same length. Still running into trouble? Tighten the straps just a little on the side you are slipping towards.

  3. Sleep diagonally

    Are you a side sleeper? Try turning your body 30 degrees from the center of the hammock. You will lay flatter, which will relieve pressure on your shoulders and calves. It also gives you the option of sleeping on your side!Best Hammock Guide | Lay at an angle

  4. Neck or Knee pillow

    If you are still experiencing pressure to your calves or shoulders try sleeping with a neck or knee pillow. Don’t want to bring a pillow? Use clothing or even try a large water bottle under your knees to eliminate pressure.

  5. Beat the bugs

    One of the big downsides to sleeping in a hammock are those pesky mosquitos. This bug net hammock comes with a built in mosquito net.Best Hammock Guide | Mosquito Net Hammock

  6. Don’t be afraid you will fall out

    There are lots of different types of hammocks on the market. Although you might have been taking a snooze last summer in a poolside hammock and fallen out, that won’t happen in a Hobo Hammock. The wooden spreader in a poolside hammock makes it much more unstable. Hobo Hammocks have been specifically designed to prevent you from falling out. That’s not to say you might run into difficulty getting in (we’ve all been there) but tossing and turning in your sleep will not cause you to tumble out of the hammock!

  7. Use a sleeping pad

    This will help you keep your backside warm through the night. If you have troubles with your sleeping pad moving around in the night try putting it inside your sleeping bag. You can also use an under quilt, reflective Mylar blanket, or reflective sunshade to keep your fanny warm!

Bonus tip: If it is especially cold try filling your water bottle with hot water then placing a sock over it. Put it down by your feet for a personal heater at night.

Comfort can be achieved while sleeping in a hammock. If you’ve had a bad experience sleeping in a hammock in the past, give these tips a try. Then let us know what you think!  You’re sure to have the best hammock experience of your life! Happy (and comfortable) hanging![/two_third]

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Hammocking Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park

Do you ever feel like your list of places to visit grows way too fast? It’s hard to decide where to go every weekend because there are an infinite amount of absolutely amazing options. We took advantage of Labor Day weekend to cross one of these beauties off our list: Hammocking Glacier National Park. We rounded up the hammocks, hopped in my truck, and took a quick 12 hour drive up to Montana. Since it was Labor Day, we knew we’d be fighting off some crowds. We had a little difficulty finding a good hammock campground, but the rangers helped us find the perfect spot!

Glacier National Park Campground

Upon arrival, we strapped up some hammocks, and draped a rain fly over ourselves.  The hot chocolate, hot dogs, roasted marshmallows, and company were all superb. The stars were the brightest I’ve seen them in a long, long time. I can’t think of a better way to fall asleep than hammocking under the beautiful Montana night sky!

Glacier National Park Night

In the morning, some colder weather began to set in, covering up the skies with a thick fog and motivating us to stay mobile in order to keep warm. We started our hike to Grinnell Glacier. Two of us were hoping for a bear encounter while the others desired no such encounter. The hike was about 6 miles each way. On the way up it was beautiful, even with a thick fog looming over the mountains and lakes. When we arrived at Grinnell Glacier, the fog was so thick we almost missed it.

Glacier National Park Fog

On the descent, the fog cleared almost entirely and opened up an incredible view that we had no idea existed! The deep blue water of the mountain lakes was beautiful! We didn’t see much wildlife, but it was still well worth the trip for the views we got! If you haven’t made it out to Glacier National Park, it’s time for you to do it. Don’t wait, just go.

Why Glacier National Park?

Sometimes when I only have a Saturday and Sunday to escape, I’m hesitant to go on a big drive. But once I get to where I’m going I never regret it.


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Utah Hammock Festival

Hammock Festival

If you ever want to surround yourself with amazing people, then find yourself a hammock festival. This past weekend we had the opportunity to hang at the Utah Hammock Festival at the CLAS Ropes Course in Provo, UT. It was put on by Weekend Voyagers and the event included an attendance of over 300 people! Some of the activities included canoeing, zip lines, food trucks, spike ball, volleyball, campfires, outdoor movies, and of course, hammocks!


The hammock festival reminded me once again of why I love hammocking so much. While hanging in your hammock is an amazing feeling, there is so much more to love! Like the people for example. Never have I met more relaxed, friendly, low-key, chill, fun loving, kind-hearted, pleasant people. A few good friends (Spencer Pugmire, Benji Cole, and Sam Clyde) joined me at the festival to help spread the word about Hobo Hammocks. We all had a real good time telling people why hammocking is such a great thing. Festival guests saw our excitement and reflected it. People at these events are the most friendly, fun, excited about life people you’ll ever meet. It made me want to forget the world, go back to my hobo days, live out of my hammock, and start a hammock community! Maybe one day, if we’re lucky, hammocks will replace houses.

For instructions on how to climb a hammock ladder, check this video out!

Share your hammock festival experience

If you have a hammock ladder pic, we wanna see it! Send it to and we’ll feature your shot on our instagram and other social media sites! If you don’t have a hammock ladder pic, then maybe it’s time you make yourself a hammock ladder! Just make sure you don’t take it higher than you are comfortable with.

Stay good, happy hanging, and always have lots of fun!

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Hammock Sister

Big Sister

How to hammock. 3 year old girl teaches her baby sister.

“Then, do this. That’s how you get up.” This 3 year old knows how to be a good sister!

Our hammocks are bringing families closer together! Check out this little girl teaching her baby sister how to get up in the hammock. She makes it look easy! This technique is extremely useful for climbing hammock ladders. If you stack one hammock above another, you can lie in the bottom one, and then climb up to the second one the same way that this girl does in the video. It’s a lot of fun and very useful if you don’t have a lot of space for multiple hammocks!

Check out our Adventures Blog to see what else we’ve been up to!

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The Knapsack (Or Bindle) – Do Some Good

bindle knapsack

Why the Knapsack (Bindle) – Do Some Good!

First things first. Bindle is technically the correct term, not knapsack. But more important than the name is what it stands for. This small, makeshift luggage was made to carry the bare necessities of the wanderer.

A couple years ago, a buddy and I decided to live out of our hammocks for the summer on an abandoned softball field. We kept all of our necessities in our cars and lived the simple life of a vagabond. Despite a couple run-ins with the police, a moth army attack, a few showerless days, and many probing questions, we loved every minute of it! There is something liberating about having everything you need with you at all times. I originally chose the knapsack (bindle) to represent the Hobo brand because it is a reflection of this lifestyle.

Bindle KnapsackWhen we lived as Hobos by choice it was in the summer. The weather was pleasant and comfortable and for the most part we had access to any amenities we needed. It wasn’t really difficult or comparable to real homelessness. Many people are stuck living on the streets throughout the year without any access to basic necessities. Things like food, water, a hot shower, or electricity. They survive the rainy days and the snowy nights with nothing more than a sleeping bag, a real knapsack, and a park bench… and most of them do it with an incredibly positive attitude! A lot of them are trying to find a way off the streets, and there are amazing organizations such as The Rescue Mission of Salt Lake that are helping with this.

Focus Outwardly

I see the bindle as a reminder that there are people struggling on the daily. Not just the homeless but everybody we meet.  Everybody has something weighing them down, and we have the power to take some serious weight off their shoulders.

If you’re anything like me the majority of your thoughts go something like this:  “I have so many projects to do and not enough time to do them”… “I’m so hungry, I want food”…”I could really use a good makeout right now”… “I need a nap”…  Every day I’m very guilty of these self-centered thoughts and so are you. But we can change that with a little effort.

It’s usually a lot easier and more enjoyable to satisfy the needs of others than it is to satisfy our own. Before we can do that, we have to know what they need. That is the purpose of the bindle. To arouse awareness. To turn our thoughts to giving instead of taking. I need this reminder. I need to have something constantly in front of me reminding me that I have friends, family, roommates, colleagues, etc. that just need a dog turd wiped off their shoe.

So go find some stinky dog turd shoes and remember that everybody is dealing with crap, not just you and me. Make an effort to discover others’ needs, fulfill those needs, and then tell me about it. Shoot me an email and share. I want to hear your bindle story!

Hobo Hammocks

Bindle Knapsack

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Hobo Hammocks vs ENO Hammock

Hobo Hammocks VS ENO hammock

Hobo Hammocks vs Double Nest ENO Hammock

Check out this video made by our friend Jason, over at  In it, he compares ENO hammock Vs. Hobo Hammocks

Hobo Hammock vs ENO DoubleNest Hammock Reviewed Side by Side:
The carabiners that come with ENO have sharp ends, which I’m not a huge fan of. I end up using my own carabiners. (I have not seen the new wire carabiners that come with ENO hammocks now.) Hobo Hammocks include hanging straps in the $59 purchase price. Do ENO hammocks come with straps? No. ENO hammocks do not include hanging straps in their $69.95 purchase price – you’ll have to spend more money.

The Hobo Hammock is bigger than the ENO doublenest hammock. The Hobo Hammock is 10 ft x 6 ft 6 inches, while the ENO hammock is 9 ft 4 inches x 6 ft 2 inches. When you look at the ends of the cord that runs through the hammocks – the ENO end is neat and crisp. The nylon on both hammocks is very similar. I like that Hobo Hammock is very involved with their community due to the fact that they feed the homeless in their community. Hobo Hammocks also has a recycle and reuse program.


If you end up choosing Hobo Hammocks, you can use the coupon code “hcrbeta” to receive $5 off of your purchase. You can use the link: HCRBeta receives a small referral fee when you purchase your Hobo Hammock through the links here at HCRBeta.”

This video outlines the basic advantages and disadvantages of both brands. This Hobo Hammocks vs ENO video will give you some good guidelines on what to look for when considering your next hammock purchase. Enjoy the video, and let me know if you have any comments, questions, or concerns!”

Happy Hanging!