Hobo Hammocks vs Double Nest ENO Hammock

Check out this video made by our friend Jason, over at http://www.hcrbeta.com/  In it, he compares Hobo Hammocks to the Double Nest ENO hammock.

His video also included the following description:

“Hobo Hammock vs ENO Hammock Reviewed Side by Side
The ENO hammock comes with a compression strap and the Hobo does not. I don’t like the carabiners that come with either Hobo or ENO. The carabiners that came with my ENO and Hobo have sharp ends, which I’m not a huge fan of. I end up using my own carabiners. (I have not seen the new wire carabiners that come with ENO hammocks now.) Hobo Hammocks include hanging straps in the $59 purchase price. ENO hammocks do not include hanging straps in their $69.95 purchase price – you’ll have to spend more money.

The Hobo Hammock is bigger than the ENO hammock. The Hobo Hammock is 10 ft x 6 ft 6 inches, while the ENO hammock is 9 ft 4 inches x 6 ft 2 inches. When you look at the ends of the cord that runs through the hammocks – the ENO end is neater and crisper; where the Hobo end is a little sloppy. The nylon on both hammocks is very similar. I like that Hobo Hammock is very involved with their community due to the fact that they feed the homeless in their community. Hobo Hammocks also has a recycle and reuse program.


If you end up choosing Hobo Hammocks, you can use the coupon code “hcrbeta” to receive $5 off of your purchase. You can use the link: http://hobohammocks.com/?hobo=12 HCRBeta receives a small referral fee when you purchase your Hobo Hammock through the links here at HCRBeta.”

This video outlines the basic advantages and disadvantages of both brands. This Hobo Hammocks vs ENO video will give you some good guidelines on what to look for when considering your next hammock purchase. Enjoy the video, and let me know if you have any comments, questions, or concerns!”

Happy Hanging!