Jason H

Just received my Hobo Hammock Skeeto Shield hammock, and it is awesome!! It's the newest product in their hammock line up, and it is a double nest hammock with integrated mosquito netting. I've only had the opportunity to briefly set up and try out the hammock but it does not disappoint. Sturdy hammock, easy to use straps, and the integrated mosquito net makes it even better. The netting is zippered on one side and sewn into the hammock on the other. I questioned the ability to use the hammock without "tenting" the mosquito netting -- emailed HoboHammocks around 7PM Eastern time and in less than an hour received a reply to my question (huge kudos there with the customer support). They recommend flipping the hammock so you do not lay directly on the netting if it's not in use, thus protecting the netting.

My youngest has a double nest ENO, and at first glance and use I see nothing readily that makes the ENO any better than the Hobo. Honestly the Hobo seems (in my opinion) to be the better built of the two. In doing a comparison of the hammocks we have in our household:

Weight rating... Eno: they say 400 pounds
Hobo: their site says 540 pounds
Cost... Eno double nest: $69.95
Hobo double nest: $59.00 (with mosquito net $69.00)
Hang straps... Eno: not included -- extra $19.95 and up depending on strap
Hobo: strap included
Carabiners... Eno: included aluminum wire gate
Hobo: included steel -- doesn't look as "fancy" as the Eno carabiner, but perfectly functional
Warranty... Eno: 2 years
Hobo: Lifetime
Helping someone in need... Eno: nothing I know of
Hobo: provides a homeless meal for every hammock sold

While the ENO we own is certainly an excellent hammock, the Hobo definitely packs a whole lot more bang for the buck -- provides for the community -- and WOW their customer service is the bomb!! If your looking for a hammock, I'd definitely recommend the Hobo.

Nic W

It is my prayer that all of your good work will continue to change lives for generations to come

Just wanted to thank you and the whole hobo hammocks crew for all that you do. It's amazing to see people doing good for people that is exactly why I chose hobo hammocks. For whoever reads this keep it up and it is my prayer that all of your good work will continue to change lives for generations to come. Thank you God bless!

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Larry V.

Highly recommend for casual or overnight

I bought one of the first available, and love it. Well made, soft, roomy for diagonal lay. Highly recommend for casual or overnight. This would be a great Christmas gift. The company has to be operating at a low margin, considering the price, quality and the contribution to charity. This is a great hammock for the tall and large.  I weigh around 260 with clothing, and it is quite comfortable for the majority preferred 30 degree diagonal lay.  I am only 5' 10", but am certain that tall guys would love it as well.

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Brianna B.

Made my already wonderful vacation 10x more magical!

My hammock seriously made my already wonderful vacation 10x more magical! I spent so much time just [hanging and playing my uke]. It was just what I needed. It was a beautiful thing to go to sleep... and wake up to [the Oregon Coast in my hammock]. Thank you so much!! I hope your business is thriving!

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Glen S. [NWA Gear Exchange (Arkansas)]

Do a 5 min research session and I promise you'll be throwing your money at the Hobo Hammock company!!

Seriously guys to those who have already seen this and those who are just now looking, this deal is unbelievable. I haven't seen first hand the hammock but if they are even close to the so called quality of the way overpriced big name hammocks then you are getting uncomparable savings here!!! You get the hammack along with the hanging straps for way less then the price of just a big name hammock!!! You don't need me to tell you what a great deal this is if you've looked into buying a good camp\hike hammock but if you haven't please by all means do a 5 min research session and I promise you'll be throwing your money at the Hobo Hammock company!! Plus they feed a homeless person out of their costs. Guys I have payed more for a pair of Toms shoes. Same concept.

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Justin H.

"Overall good hammocks plus I'm feeding the homeless!"

I had a double wide hammock from a bigger name company before I got my Hobo Hammock and I have really liked the Hobo Hammock for two reasons: one, it comes with straight gate carabiners instead of the kind that screw open and two, I don't slide around in the material as much which is nice when I have a pad under my sleeping bag for warmth. Overall good hammocks plus I'm feeding the homeless!

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Craig M.

"...more comfortable and easy to sleep in."

I've used my Hobo Hammock the last several times I've gone camping and loved it! I haven't used my old hammock since buying this one even though it's still perfectly usable. The Hobo is a little roomier than some of the other hammocks I've tried, which I actually find more comfortable and easy to sleep in. I'd recommend these hammocks to anyone considering getting one.

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