First off, if you’re reading this page, you probably already have some camping experience under your belt. No doubt you’ve experienced the glory of tent camping, but how many other styles of camping have you tried out? Because there are a lot of ways to camp, you may need some guidance on variation for your next camping trips. Look no further! Introducing 10 different ways to spend the night on your next camping trip!

Ways To Camp

  1. Tent Camping – The traditional, perhaps most well known way of getting out into mother nature. Tent technology has evolved a lot, making tents more lightweight and versatile than ever before!
    camping tent camp

  2. RV (Motor Home) Camping – You enjoy camping but are not to eager to leave some of the amenities you’re used to. RV’s might be right up your alley. While it’s not cheap, it does allow you to say hello to mother nature without saying goodbye to the comfort of your home.
    RV Camping

  3. Under The Stars – For the more adventurous campers, this style of camping provides a more magical experience. Away from the light pollution of the city, you’ve got a pretty great chance of seeing shooting stars. Drift into sleep as you contemplate how small we are in this universe!
    Starry Sky - Camping under the stars

  4. Car Camping – While it may not be the most comfortable way to go, camping out in your car is perfect for those looking for a quick trip to nature. No setup required. Immediate Escape!
    Car Camping

  5. Hammock Tent – A relatively new style of camping, hammock tents provide the freedom of hanging in a hammock, and the stability of camping in a tent. They’re a little more work to set up, but many say that the results are well worth the effort! Click on the picture to see some awesome hammock tents on Amazon!

  6. Treehouse Camping – Find your inner kid again by throwing your sleeping bag up in a treehouse and spending the night. There’s something liberating about letting yourself just be a kid again, and camping out in a treehouse is a great way to put things in perspective!
    Treehouse tree house camping

  7. Hostiles – I spent a month of my last summer in Thailand. There were hostiles everywhere. They were cheap. They were deep in the jungle. And they were perfect! While I had beds and shelter, I still was surrounded by jungle and nature. It was an experience I won’t ever forget!
    Hostile Camping

  8. Snow Cave – For the more hard core campers, this is the best way to camp in the wintertime. If you build yourself a nice igloo or snow cave, then you’ll be shocked at how warm you can stay bundled up inside this winter shelter!
    Snow Cave Camping

  9. Cabin – Another option for the wealthier campers out there who love feeling “home” even when out in the mountains. The cabin is a definite win and a guaranteed good time for everyone involved!
    Cabin Camping

  10. Finally, Hammock Camping – Obviously our preferred way to be outdoors! In a hammock you get comfort. Also, you can hang solo or build a hammock hive with your friends. Plus, you can cocoon yourself inside or leave it open and look out at and admire the universe. Once you throw your sleeping pad and sleeping bag inside, you can stay warm and comfortable even in lower temperatures! I personally was introduced to hammock camping about 3 years ago and I’ve never looked back. If you haven’t tried it out yet, get yourself a Hobo Hammock, and change your camping experience forever!
    Hammock Camping Double Hobo Hammock

Ultimately, whatever method you prefer, the important thing is that you are getting out there and experiencing all that mother nature has to offer. Since adventure is out there, you should probably go get it!

Finally, if you have any other methods of camping you’ve tried out, let us know! We’d love to hear about it!