10 Tips for Hammock Camping with Dogs

We know you want to bring that pup with you everywhere, and hammock camping is no exception. Here are some tips to make hammock camping with dogs an awesome experience.

1. Practice at home!

You will both be more comfortable if you try it before you hit the trail. This is ideal if you are thinking you want your pup to sleep with you in your hammock. It can also be a great opportunity to see how your pup will react to unfamiliar sounds. 

2. Groom before you go

Make sure your pup’s nails are nice and trimmed before you both cuddle up in your hammock. If they are a larger breed sharp nails may easily tear a hole in the hammock. A nice trimmed coat also makes tics or briars easier to find and remove after you return home.

3. Keep them close

There are several ways you can keep your pup close at night. You could keep them in your hammock with you with their leash around your hand. Another strategy is to tie a long lead to the tree nearest you, or to your hammock ridgeline. 

4. See them at night

Use this cool led dog harness to keep tabs on your pup during the night. Simply attach it to their collar so you can easily see them. 

5. Find a suitable campsite

If your pup is sleeping with you in the hammock you want to make sure exiting and entering the hammock is as easy as possible. Hang your hammock low to the ground.  It is also important you find strong, sturdy trees to hang your hammock to hold the additional weight. 

Make sure the campsite is as flat as possible. Any slopes may make it more difficult for your pup to get in and out of the hammock. If your pup sleeps on the ground slopes can also cause water to pool and leave you with one wet dog!

6. Come prepared

Just like you, your pup should have their own first aid kit. You should also come prepared with poop bags, and portable food and water bowls. 

7. Identification Tags

Your pup should have up to date vaccines and ID tags. Make sure your contact information is on the tag. It can also be a good idea to attach information such as which campsite you are staying at and an emergency contact number in case you don’t have service. 

8. Check out these accessories

  1. Dog Tent – If you and your pup don’t quite fit in your hammock, try a dog tent!
  2. Puppy Coat – For the colder weather try a coat to keep your pup warm. 
  3. Puppy Sleeping bag –  A sleeping bag or pad may be just what you need to keep your pup comfy and warm.
  4. Dog Cooling Bandana – For warmer weather bring something like this to keep them nice and cool.

9. Make sure dogs are allowed

Check with local rangers or online before you head out to your campsite that your pup is allowed. 

10. If possible, bring extra towels or blankets

Depending on where you are camping, it may be smart to bring an extra towel or blanket. Who knows what your pup may find or get into during your trip. If his bed or himself get wet or smelly you’ll be glad you brought these along!

Hopefully you will enjoy hammock camping with dogs if you follow these tips. Happy hanging!