2018 Hammock Bucket List

Here is a list of some awesome hammock spots you should try and get to this year! We kept it in the United States, would you guys want a list of places outside the Country? 

Zion National Park, UT

Why it makes the list: It is such a different environment at Zion National Park. If you have ever been to Southern Utah you know how beautiful and different the red rock is. It truly is a must see. Bring your hammock and have an awesome hang. 

When to go: Really honestly go anytime just be aware that there is a significant increase in traffic during the summer months. I headed down around March when there is still a little snow on the red rock and no one in the park and it was glorious! 

Angeles National Forest, CA

Why it makes the list: Get a beautiful view of downtown LA by heading up to Angeles National Forest. I love the idea of getting a gorgeous city landscape view from my hammock away from all the crowds. The view from Mount Wilson Observatory seems to be the best! If you are headed to LA this year, you might give this one a try.

When to go: Head up in the evening to catch the sunset then stay to watch LA light up the horizon. 

Lake Tahoe, CA

Why it makes the list: Crystal blue water and gorgeous granite mountains make this one hard to pass up. Not to mention all there is to do. Plenty of hiking and views if you want to stay off the beaten path. However, there is plenty of great tourist activities too! Catch a ride in a mountain gondola or a hot air balloon, or spend the evening at a nice restaurant. There is something for everyone and seriously, that view is just gorgeous. 

When to go: March to May is the season when Tahoe will be the cheapest, and least crowded. Although the temperatures will only reach the 60’s. 

Havasupi, AZ

Why it makes the list: At the base of the Grand Canyon you will find the beautiful oasis that is Havasu Falls. With the red rock and blue green waters it is a remarkable sight. It is quite the adventure to reach the falls so you will need to come prepared. However, it is so worth it!

When to go: You will definitely need to make plans for this lengthy backpacking trip.You will need to get a permit and reserve a camp spot. Many prefer to go in spring or even late fall to avoid the crowds and hot temperatures.  Check out this post for some more information. 

Moraine Lake, Banff Canada

Why it makes the list: It is said that Moraine Lake is simply breathtaking. You will actually find this lake on the back of the Canadian Dollar Bill. It is a glacially fed lake that appears almost turquoise. I have not yet been to Banff, but this is the top of my list for 2018!

When to visit: The lake actually remains frozen until late May. Late June – August is the time to visit for the best view of the lake. 

Skyline Drive, Shenandoah National Park

Why it makes the list: It is just one of the best fall views ever. Just look at that, how could it not make the list?!

When to go: Fall! Growing up this was one of my favorite ways to appreciate the beauty of fall. Head up there with a hammock for a truly beautiful hang. Find out more here

Olympic National Park, WA

Why it makes the list: This is one of the most unique National Parks I have visited. It is a massive park with so much to see and so much variation. I think I could go back 10 more times and there would still be more to see. There is beach, rainforest, mountain views and more. Definitely worth a visit this year. 

When to go: Although the summer is crowded, it is such a large park that it wasn’t too much of a bother. Just get going early! 

Clearwater, FL

Why it makes the list: If clear blue water and white sand beaches are your cup of tea, this should definitely be on your list. It is an awesome family beach. Just well taken care of and gorgeous. There are also a lot of lesser known beaches in the area that are less of a tourist destination. Try Caladesi State Park or Honeymoon Island State Park. 

When to go: Probably summer unless you don’t care for the crowds. Just avoid hurricane season! 

Although I can’t go into tons of details about all of these there are so many more I thought of:

  1. St. Simons Island, GA
  2. Glacier National Park
  3. Yosemite National Park
  4. Uinta Mountains, UT
  5. Acadia National Park
  6. Laguna Beach, CA
  7. Redwood State Park, CA
  8. Mt. Rainer National Park

Can you think of others? What is on your hammocking bucket list for 2018? We want to know!