2019 Camping Gear Guide - Your Guide To Camping and More!

Do you ever show up to a camp site not quite sure if you have everything you need? Maybe you just want to know what the greatest 2019 camping gear will be? Either way, you’ve found exactly what you’re looking for. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most sought after camping gear for 2019! 

At 3.8 lbs, and packing down to just 18″x6″ this backpacking tent is a spacesaving, weightsaving animal! Because it is ultraportable, this makes the ideal tent if you are looking to take it on a backpacking trip. 

Cost: $318.95

Who it’s for: If you are looking for a super lightweight tent at a reasonable price, this is a great option. Ideal for backpackers, or anyone looking for a reliable, lightweight tent! 

 This is an awesome lightweight, backpack loaded with features such as easy side vent access to the main compartment. This video shows all it’s features!

Cost: $160 for the 34L version

Who it’s for: The Backpacker who looking for an easy access, lightweight bag, that still has all the features you could possible need.

With a sweater knit exterior, and fleece interior, this beauty will wick any moisture you acquire on your body without you even noticing, and it’ll keep the drafty air where it belongs. On the outside. 

Cost: $140

Who it’s for: Anybody looking for a good mix of comfort and function in a jacket.

MPOWERD keeps surprising us with their latest and greatest tech ideas, and these solar string lights definitely follow suit. Setup and takedown is super quick and easy and allows you to create a very cool atmosphere on your next camping trip.

Cost: $30

Who it’s for: Any camper looking for a little extra light around the campground or in the tent!

This one has been around for a couple years, but it still reigns as one of the best camping mattresses of all time. It packs down tiny, and has an R-value of 3.2 which is phenominal! If you’d like to see a comparison video of the NeoAir vs. a cheap Amazon alternative, here’s a quick 2-minute review.

Cost: $151

Who it’s for: This lightweight sleeping pad packs down to almost nothing, which means it’s perfect for any lightweight backpackers, but it’s warmth and comfort make it great for campers of all styles.

These 5 items are some of our favorite picks for 2019 camping gear. What are some of your favorites?