Reasons to get a hammock this summer:

I’m not sure why you are hesitant to get a hammock. Maybe it costs too much money, maybe you are comfortable with your tent set-up, or maybe you are just not convinced hammocks would work for you. Let me give you 7 reasons why they are awesome and maybe you’ll change your mind.

1. They are comfortable

I’m not just talking comfortable like oh yeah, I could spend a night in this. I’m talking get rid of your bed and only sleep in a hammock comfortable. If one of the issues you have had is not being able to get comfortable in your hammock, check out this post

2. They can help you get a better sleep

Have you guys seen the hammocks that people are using for their newborns? The whole idea is that a hammock mimics the womb and allows the baby to sleep better. What it does for adults is allow for a deeper sleep which means you are more rested and alert when you wake up. 

3. Low Cost

Hobo Hammocks are super reasonably priced. Also, you can use code hhblogfollower for an additional $7 off your hammock purchase. 

4. Light weight

You can throw your hammock in your trunk, backpack, or purse because they are super lightweight. They take up very little space and are really easy to bring anywhere! 

5. It helps you enjoy the outdoors

I absolutely love setting up my hammock to enjoy a view, or stargazing at night. It makes me want to get outside and see more. It is the perfect summer accessory. 

6. Great to use with friends

If you get a hammock that is the right size (our double hammocks are the perfect size), you and your friend or partner can easily share the space. It is also an awesome way to make new friends, or just enjoy time with friends. 

7. Hammocks can be used anywhere

This summer I have put this to the test. We have used our hammocks as chairs during parades, as beds during camping, and as loungers under the deck during the day. I love that the set-up is so quick and I can enjoy it in so many different locations.