7 reasons to get a hammock this summer

  Reasons to get a hammock this summer: I’m not sure why you are hesitant to get a hammock. Maybe it costs too much money, maybe you are comfortable with your tent set-up, or maybe you are just not convinced hammocks would work for you. Let me give you 7 reasons why they are awesome […]

How to keep mosquitos away while hammock camping

As the temperatures warm up mosquitos begin to be a real nuisance. Especially for those of us who love camping in our hammocks. Do not fear! We have a few tricks up our sleeve to keep you hanging through mosquito season. 1. Buy a mosquito net hammock These are a great option, especially for this time […]

How to Practice Leave No Trace While Hammock Camping

  What is Leave No Trace? For those of you who have never heard of Leave No Trace, it is made up of 7 principles that help minimize human impact on our environment. Through these principles we are able to avoid the impacts of recreation, or minimize our impact. These principles will help us respect […]

10 Inspiring Outdoor Adventure Instagrammers you need to follow

These outdoor adventure instagrammers post some truly amazing images that will fill your feed with beauty. However, they also share inspiring messages about getting outside, appreciating and respecting our earth, and how to explore the world around you. Pete McBride: @pedromcbride A post shared by Pete McBride (@pedromcbride) on Mar 25, 2018 at 6:36pm PDT […]

Gift Ideas for the Outdoorsy Mama

Mother’s day is May 13th, which makes it just over a week away. It can be stressful to come up with the perfect gift for the woman that means so much to you. If you have no ideas for the outdoorsy mama in your life, we’ve put together a list that should help you out. […]

First Hang Packing List

  First Hang Packing List If you are a newbie hammocker, welcome! If you are a seasoned hammocker, also welcome! This packing list is for everyone, but will be especially helpful for those first timers out there. Before we get to the packing list there are some things we think you should know. How to […]

The Best Way to Prepare for Finals

  What’s the best way to prepare for finals? Hint: Get outside! I remember all through high school before I had a big test my mom would make blueberry muffins (because blueberries are a superfood), we would eat a banana (brain food?), and then she would send us out the door with a stick of peppermint gum […]

The best hammock games

Hammock Games We have created some pretty awesome lists of things you can do with hammocks (see that here.) But we have never shared games you can play with a hammock. As the weather is warming up, we thought now would be the perfect time. Family reunions, camping trips, and birthday parties, will all be […]

How to pack your backpack for hammock camping

How to pack your backpack for hammock camping Are you a pro-backpacker? New to backpacking and wondering how to pack a backpack? Are you used to carrying a tent and wondering how to adjust your pack with your hammock gear? We’ve got all the answers for you in this week’s post.  And if you’re looking […]

Must have hammock accessories

  Must Have Hammock Accessories Are you a hammock pro, or a hammock newbie? Either way, these hammock accessories will save you time, stress, and energy when it comes to hammock camping. We’ve separated our suggestions into two sections; basics, and extras. If you are just starting out we definitely recommend investing in the basics […]