How to Prepare for an Awesome Backpacking Adventure

As with any trip, packing can be such a pain when you don’t know where to start. Backpacking is no different, but it would be helpful if you have a checklist to guide you through so that you won’t forget anything especially the essentials to help guarantee a fun-filled and safe outdoor adventure. There are […]

Basic Day Hiking Tips

For an outdoorsy person, packing for the next hiking challenge is no longer time-consuming because he/she is already experienced and know what to do before setting off. Things like projected weather conditions, temperature, types of clothing to wear and the amount of food and water to bring for the hike – they got this covered. […]

Basic Day Hike Essentials

Hiking Gear Quick-dry clothes made of polyester or nylon to keep moisture away. Choose the ones that you can wear in layers and are light so that you can easily remove them when it gets warmer or add another layer of clothing such as a jacket when it turns colder during the hike. Wear a light […]

Why Participating in Outdoor Recreational Activities is Good for Us

There are a variety of outdoor recreational activities worth trying out. There’s fishing, kayaking, rafting, biking, rock climbing, hiking and camping to name a few. Not only are outdoor activities beneficial to your health, being out with friends and family is fun and creates a bonding moment as well. These days, there are plenty of […]

Enjoy Nature: Spend Time Outdoors

Enjoy nature, no matter what your age is. We sometimes forget that we are given this great opportunity to explore the outdoors as we are surrounded by many snowy slopes, national parks, camp grounds, hiking trails and bodies of water. Nature has a way of putting one’s mind at ease. When one wants to try […]

Millennials Love Camping

People of all generations are attracted to the idea of spending time outdoors because it is not only a type of recreational activity but it is known to also be the time to bond with family and friends, escape a routine lifestyle and just clear your minds. In recent years, there has been an increase […]

Sleep Better in a Hammock

Just thinking about lying in a hammock makes you start thinking of relaxing already. Studies have shown that there are indeed benefits in napping in a hammock. According to neuroscientists at the University of Geneva, the gentle rocking motion makes people fall asleep faster and deeper. The Swiss researchers say the changes in brain activity […]

Fourth of July Hiking Ideas

The Fourth of July holiday is fast approaching and you might have grown tired of the usual Independence Day weekend theme parties and backyard barbecue and you want to escape the busy and crowded streets.  Other people prefer to go on a road trip to get to experience the holiday weekend in a  different setting […]

Outdoor Activities to Enjoy the Fourth of July Even More!

It’s that time of the year once again and we get together with friends and family to celebrate the Fourth of July. This maybe your turn to host the holiday festivities and you are scrambling for ideas to make the event extra special. You have the food and drinks all planned out. Party invitations sent […]

Camp Site Selection: What to Look Out for

You have finally decided on the date for your camping trip and all your companions have RSVP’d. You take time off work and prepared the gear, cookware, accessories and other needed personal items. What’s missing? Among the initial things to consider that people sometimes overlook is the camp site. Depending on the number of days […]