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Hammocking Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park

Do you ever feel like your list of places to visit grows way too fast? It’s hard to decide where to go every weekend because there are an infinite amount of absolutely amazing options. We took advantage of Labor Day weekend to cross one of these beauties off our list: Hammocking Glacier National Park. We rounded up the hammocks, hopped in my truck, and took a quick 12 hour drive up to Montana. Since it was Labor Day, we knew we’d be fighting off some crowds. We had a little difficulty finding a good hammock campground, but the rangers helped us find the perfect spot!

Glacier National Park Campground

Upon arrival, we strapped up some hammocks, and draped a rain fly over ourselves.  The hot chocolate, hot dogs, roasted marshmallows, and company were all superb. The stars were the brightest I’ve seen them in a long, long time. I can’t think of a better way to fall asleep than hammocking under the beautiful Montana night sky!

Glacier National Park Night

In the morning, some colder weather began to set in, covering up the skies with a thick fog and motivating us to stay mobile in order to keep warm. We started our hike to Grinnell Glacier. Two of us were hoping for a bear encounter while the others desired no such encounter. The hike was about 6 miles each way. On the way up it was beautiful, even with a thick fog looming over the mountains and lakes. When we arrived at Grinnell Glacier, the fog was so thick we almost missed it.

Glacier National Park Fog

On the descent, the fog cleared almost entirely and opened up an incredible view that we had no idea existed! The deep blue water of the mountain lakes was beautiful! We didn’t see much wildlife, but it was still well worth the trip for the views we got! If you haven’t made it out to Glacier National Park, it’s time for you to do it. Don’t wait, just go.

Why Glacier National Park?

Sometimes when I only have a Saturday and Sunday to escape, I’m hesitant to go on a big drive. But once I get to where I’m going I never regret it.


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Utah Hammock Festival

Hammock Festival

If you ever want to surround yourself with amazing people, then find yourself a hammock festival. This past weekend we had the opportunity to hang at the Utah Hammock Festival at the CLAS Ropes Course in Provo, UT. It was put on by Weekend Voyagers and the event included an attendance of over 300 people! Some of the activities included canoeing, zip lines, food trucks, spike ball, volleyball, campfires, outdoor movies, and of course, hammocks!


The hammock festival reminded me once again of why I love hammocking so much. While hanging in your hammock is an amazing feeling, there is so much more to love! Like the people for example. Never have I met more relaxed, friendly, low-key, chill, fun loving, kind-hearted, pleasant people. A few good friends (Spencer Pugmire, Benji Cole, and Sam Clyde) joined me at the festival to help spread the word about Hobo Hammocks. We all had a real good time telling people why hammocking is such a great thing. Festival guests saw our excitement and reflected it. People at these events are the most friendly, fun, excited about life people you’ll ever meet. It made me want to forget the world, go back to my hobo days, live out of my hammock, and start a hammock community! Maybe one day, if we’re lucky, hammocks will replace houses.

For instructions on how to climb a hammock ladder, check this video out!

Share your hammock festival experience

If you have a hammock ladder pic, we wanna see it! Send it to and we’ll feature your shot on our instagram and other social media sites! If you don’t have a hammock ladder pic, then maybe it’s time you make yourself a hammock ladder! Just make sure you don’t take it higher than you are comfortable with.

Stay good, happy hanging, and always have lots of fun!

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Hammock Sister

Big Sister

How to hammock. 3 year old girl teaches her baby sister.

“Then, do this. That’s how you get up.” This 3 year old knows how to be a good sister!

Our hammocks are bringing families closer together! Check out this little girl teaching her baby sister how to get up in the hammock. She makes it look easy! This technique is extremely useful for climbing hammock ladders. If you stack one hammock above another, you can lie in the bottom one, and then climb up to the second one the same way that this girl does in the video. It’s a lot of fun and very useful if you don’t have a lot of space for multiple hammocks!

Check out our Adventures Blog to see what else we’ve been up to!

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The Knapsack (Or Bindle) – Do Some Good

bindle knapsack

Why the Knapsack (Bindle) – Do Some Good!

First things first. Bindle is technically the correct term, not knapsack. But more important than the name is what it stands for. This small, makeshift luggage was made to carry the bare necessities of the wanderer.

A couple years ago, a buddy and I decided to live out of our hammocks for the summer on an abandoned softball field. We kept all of our necessities in our cars and lived the simple life of a vagabond. Despite a couple run-ins with the police, a moth army attack, a few showerless days, and many probing questions, we loved every minute of it! There is something liberating about having everything you need with you at all times. I originally chose the knapsack (bindle) to represent the Hobo brand because it is a reflection of this lifestyle.

Bindle KnapsackWhen we lived as Hobos by choice it was in the summer. The weather was pleasant and comfortable and for the most part we had access to any amenities we needed. It wasn’t really difficult or comparable to real homelessness. Many people are stuck living on the streets throughout the year without any access to basic necessities. Things like food, water, a hot shower, or electricity. They survive the rainy days and the snowy nights with nothing more than a sleeping bag, a real knapsack, and a park bench… and most of them do it with an incredibly positive attitude! A lot of them are trying to find a way off the streets, and there are amazing organizations such as The Rescue Mission of Salt Lake that are helping with this.

Focus Outwardly

I see the bindle as a reminder that there are people struggling on the daily. Not just the homeless but everybody we meet.  Everybody has something weighing them down, and we have the power to take some serious weight off their shoulders.

If you’re anything like me the majority of your thoughts go something like this:  “I have so many projects to do and not enough time to do them”… “I’m so hungry, I want food”…”I could really use a good makeout right now”… “I need a nap”…  Every day I’m very guilty of these self-centered thoughts and so are you. But we can change that with a little effort.

It’s usually a lot easier and more enjoyable to satisfy the needs of others than it is to satisfy our own. Before we can do that, we have to know what they need. That is the purpose of the bindle. To arouse awareness. To turn our thoughts to giving instead of taking. I need this reminder. I need to have something constantly in front of me reminding me that I have friends, family, roommates, colleagues, etc. that just need a dog turd wiped off their shoe.

So go find some stinky dog turd shoes and remember that everybody is dealing with crap, not just you and me. Make an effort to discover others’ needs, fulfill those needs, and then tell me about it. Shoot me an email and share. I want to hear your bindle story!

Hobo Hammocks

Bindle Knapsack

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Hobo Hammocks vs ENO Hammock

Hobo Hammocks VS ENO hammock

Hobo Hammocks vs Double Nest ENO Hammock

Check out this video made by our friend Jason, over at  In it, he compares ENO hammock Vs. Hobo Hammocks

Hobo Hammock vs ENO DoubleNest Hammock Reviewed Side by Side:
The carabiners that come with ENO have sharp ends, which I’m not a huge fan of. I end up using my own carabiners. (I have not seen the new wire carabiners that come with ENO hammocks now.) Hobo Hammocks include hanging straps in the $59 purchase price. Do ENO hammocks come with straps? No. ENO hammocks do not include hanging straps in their $69.95 purchase price – you’ll have to spend more money.

The Hobo Hammock is bigger than the ENO doublenest hammock. The Hobo Hammock is 10 ft x 6 ft 6 inches, while the ENO hammock is 9 ft 4 inches x 6 ft 2 inches. When you look at the ends of the cord that runs through the hammocks – the ENO end is neat and crisp. The nylon on both hammocks is very similar. I like that Hobo Hammock is very involved with their community due to the fact that they feed the homeless in their community. Hobo Hammocks also has a recycle and reuse program.


If you end up choosing Hobo Hammocks, you can use the coupon code “hcrbeta” to receive $5 off of your purchase. You can use the link: HCRBeta receives a small referral fee when you purchase your Hobo Hammock through the links here at HCRBeta.”

This video outlines the basic advantages and disadvantages of both brands. This Hobo Hammocks vs ENO video will give you some good guidelines on what to look for when considering your next hammock purchase. Enjoy the video, and let me know if you have any comments, questions, or concerns!”

Happy Hanging!

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Hammocks for sale – Brand Comparison

Hammocks for sale

Which Hammock Should I Buy?

Hammocks for sale – Brand Comparison

With so many hammocks for sale these days, you are likely wondering, “Which hammock should I buy?” We’ve put together this comparison chart with one of our top competitors in the market, so you can see the Hobo difference! Let’s be honest, no matter which company you choose, you’re not going to be disappointed. But why settle for great, when you can have incredible!

One of the things we pride ourselves on most is our lifetime unlimited warranty. That means if you EVER rip, tear, or otherwise damage your hammock, we will send you a replacement for free! And when you send in your old hammock, we will fix it and donate it to a homeless person who needs a place to sleep! Add to that the meal to the homeless we are providing with every hammock sold, the straps that come included with the hammock, and the free shipping offered with every purchase, and you can see that we are here to make you happy!

All of our hammocks are double hammocks because…well single hammocks just don’t quite cut it. Whether you’re hammocking alone, or with your lover…or your pet llama, our double hammocks are perfectly sized for your comfort and enjoyment. These hammocks are ready for whatever you plan on throwing at them. If you’re still wondering, “Which hammock should I buy?” Then we give up. I think we’ve made it pretty clear why Hobo is the number one choice!

Most importantly, you must remember that no matter what company you choose, you’re going to be happy. But if you go with Hobo, you’re going to be ECSTATIC!

If you have any questions please feel free to get at us! And as always, happy hanging!
(Awesome infographic provided by our friend Jason with HCR Beta. Find more great camping tips at

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Homeless By Choice

The Hobo Hammocks Story (Homeless by choice)!

Hammocks on the backstop softball fieldHi there! I’m Jake, the man who started this camping hammock shindig to help the homeless! I enjoy keeping myself busy. VERY busy. Apart from selling hammocks, I’m also currently attending dental school. It’s not a cheap endeavor, both in terms of time and money. However, I’ve been passionate about hammocking for a many years, and there has been an entrepreneurial seed in my heart for as long as I can remember, so when the opportunity came I couldn’t stop myself from starting this company.

Last summer, while studying for the National Board Dental Exams, a friend and I decided to live out of our hammocks so we could save up some money to travel to Thailand. We found an abandoned softball field and clipped our hammocks in to the chainlink fence on the backstop. Each day brought new surprises and stories.  I remember one morning in particular, it was time to get up. My buddy reached out of his hammock to grab his pants, and about 500 moths swarmed out of his pants and flew around him. For the rest of the day he kept finding more moths. In his shoes. In his motorcycle helmet. It was crazy! We were pretty bummed out that we didn’t catch it on video as we had been documenting a good amount of our adventure

One of the most difficult Hobo soup Hobo Hammocksparts of being homeless was finding a place to shower every day. Remember, we are dental students, and dental schools aren’t typically too welcoming of students who smell like nature… Some days we found friends’ houses to shower at. Other days we used disposable wash cloths in the bathrooms at our school to clean up. I was surprised at how much time got eaten by these trivial to-dos that we take advantage of when we have a home to do them in.

For our meals, we stored a few cans of Progresso soup in the back of our cars. It was so incredibly hot outside that our black cars acted as microwave ovens. We would pull a can out of the trunk, flip the tab and eat it all up. On several occasions when we were feeling super loaded, we would go to Kneaders for an all-you-can-eat French Toast breakfast. A $6 meal of 10 French Toast usually got us through the day!

While we got a ton of good laughs and fun experiences from our awesome little adventure, it really caused my mind to stir. I began thinking about the people who were permanently homeless. What was stopping them from changing their circumstance? I reasoned that they should find jobs, or at least relocate to more live-able climates. After all, I thought, anybody can get a job!

Hobo Hammocks helping hungry homeless

Eventually my curiosity got the best of me. I determined that I must meet some homeless people and find out what they are all about. I was so incredibly fascinated by the homeless culture and I thought that everyone else should be, too. One fateful Friday night, I found a pretty sweet girl and took her on our first date. Our destination? A park in Salt Lake City that is a bit famous for harboring the homeless (It is probably becoming more apparent why I am a single man). We ventured into the dark, creepy park, bringing with us enough donuts and hot chocolate to feed about 12 of them, and then, we listened.

I asked what kept them in Salt Lake City, a place where the summer sun brought the pavement to a boil under their bare feet, and where winter winds could literally take your breath away. Their answers blew me away. “I stay so I can visit my kids that live with their mother just 10 minutes away from here.” “My mother is in a rest home just around the corner. She needs someone to check on her.” Each took their turn to talk about their families and how important it was to stay close to them. I was talking to real people who had a lot of love in their hearts. I suddenly could see a logical explanation for why they kept themselves in such a terrible situation. They weren’t mindlessly loitering in a park and town that had nothing to offer them. They were hanging around for their FAMILIES!

But if they had family so close to them, why weren’t they living with them? The answer to this question didn’t take long to present itself. While they had families that were quite obviously very important to them, almost all of my homeless friends also had mental disabilities. Some were veterans who had suffered injuries leaving them incapacitated. Some had been in the wrong place at the time. Others had been in horrible, nasty, car accidents. Whatever their story, they all had one thing in common. Their injuries had left them incapable of work, and not mentally stable enough to support or be with their families permanently. It’s hard to explain in words what I learned that night, but I was no longer judging homeless people. I just wanted to make their situation a little better.

The idea of starting a hammock company came several months prior, but  I realized that night that I could use the company to do some serious good!

This was motivation enough to get me pushing things along, and I assure you I am PUSHING! I make dozens of mistakes every single day, but each mistake teaches me something new that I otherwise never would have learned. I don’t know what’s coming next, but I do know that it’s going to be awesome! I’ve never been so passionate about anything in my life!

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Why We Do What We Do

Selling Hammocks and Fighting Homelessness

Hey Homies! First of all, homelessness sucks. And we want to do something about it. As a result of our donations to the Rescue Mission of Salt Lake, we help feed the homeless and get them into a program to get them off the streets.

Hobo Hammocks is a for profit company. We do not want there to be any confusion in that regard. We love selling hammocks, and introducing people to the amazing world of hammocking. But we also enjoy making a few bucks while we’re at it. That doesn’t stop us from using some of those profits to fight homelessness. We believe that every for profit company should find a cause and contribute to it. It just makes sense.

Before starting the company, I chose to try out a life of homelessness for a while.  It taught me a lot of things. It made me realize how difficult it can be to do so many simple, every day tasks. I live in Utah, and the winters can get very cold. Through interactions with the homeless, I learned that they stay in cold places like Utah so that they can be close to their families.  Even though life circumstances won’t allow these people to live with their families, they still want to be close to them! It’s true that many of our homeless friends have difficult mental issues, and most of them have less than optimal life experiences which have altered their personalities and minds. This is all the more reason why the need to be cared for and looked after.

I encourage everyone reading this to buy some pop tarts or granola bars, or cliff bars, and load them up in the console of your car. Consequently, whenever a panhandler asks you, you’ll have something that will be of value to them.



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Weekend Voyagers Rockin’ Hobo Hammocks!

weekend voyagers

Weekend Voyagers!

It doesn’t matter what season it is, the outdoors can always offer you something truly unique and special. And Weekend Voyagers is here to prove that! Check out their YouTube channel and you’ll see how to have a good time!

Weekend Voyagers are all about having fun! They aren’t afraid to try new things, and go new places. It’s funny how often in life we have these ideas that seem like great things to do, but we are lazy and we find reasons not to do them. We say things like, “I don’t want to be in a car that long.” Or, “I have other things I need to get done.” Let me tell you something. While it’s easy to find a reason not to go, these are all terrible excuses that are stopping you from enjoying the beautiful things in life. Get out there and do stuff!

Weekend Voyagers understand this idea, and live it to the max. If you have places you want to go, what’s stopping you? Why haven’t you gone yet? Think about whatever reasoning you are giving and ask yourself if it is really good reasoning…I would bet that it is not.

Get out there

So go swing on that giant rope swing, swim through that waterfall, and sand surf behind that jeep. We don’t regret doing these things in life, so why do we make excuses not to do them?! It’s insanity really. I absolutely love the message that Weekend Voyagers conveys, and I respect that they don’t let anything get in their way. I think we could all learn a valuable lesson and enjoy life a little bit more by following in their footsteps!

Because of their perspective on life, these guys don’t hold back on adventure, and are ready for whatever comes their way! If you have any adventure ideas that you’d like to see Hobo Hammocks sponsor, email your ideas to us at

Happy Hanging!

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Happy Holidays from Hobo Hammocks!

Here at Hobo Hammocks, we believe that everybody should have access to a warm meal every day, especially during the holiday season. That’s why we provide a meal to the homeless with every hammock we sell. To get your hammock, go to – They make awesome Christmas gifts and you’ll be helping someone who REALLY needs it!