7 tips for perfect hammocking | best hammock guide

Summer is here and that means hammock camping! Whether you are a beginner to hammocking or an experienced hammocker, we can all have an uncomfortable hang from time to time. But no need to fear, there are plenty of ways to adjust to get comfortable in your hammock. Check out these tips to have the best hammock experience!

  1. Hang the hammock with nice sag

    If the sides of your hammock come up around you, you are finding it difficult to move or change positions, or you are feeling shoulder or calf pressure, you might have your hammock hung too tight. For the best hammock hang, the straps should hang approximately 30 degrees down from horizontal. Don’t fear the sag!
    Best Hammock Guide | Don't fear the sag

  2. Check the level of your hammock

    If you find yourself slipping to one side check to make sure that your hammock straps are at the same height and approximately the same length. Still running into trouble? Tighten the straps just a little on the side you are slipping towards.

  3. Sleep diagonally

    Are you a side sleeper? Try turning your body 30 degrees from the center of the hammock. You will lay flatter, which will relieve pressure on your shoulders and calves. It also gives you the option of sleeping on your side!Best Hammock Guide | Lay at an angle

  4. Neck or Knee pillow

    If you are still experiencing pressure to your calves or shoulders try sleeping with a neck or knee pillow. Don’t want to bring a pillow? Use clothing or even try a large water bottle under your knees to eliminate pressure.

  5. Beat the bugs

    One of the big downsides to sleeping in a hammock are those pesky mosquitos. This bug net hammock comes with a built in mosquito net.Best Hammock Guide | Mosquito Net Hammock

  6. Don’t be afraid you will fall out

    There are lots of different types of hammocks on the market. Although you might have been taking a snooze last summer in a poolside hammock and fallen out, that won’t happen in a Hobo Hammock. The wooden spreader in a poolside hammock makes it much more unstable. Hobo Hammocks have been specifically designed to prevent you from falling out. That’s not to say you might run into difficulty getting in (we’ve all been there) but tossing and turning in your sleep will not cause you to tumble out of the hammock!

  7. Use a sleeping pad

    This will help you keep your backside warm through the night. If you have troubles with your sleeping pad moving around in the night try putting it inside your sleeping bag. You can also use an under quilt, reflective Mylar blanket, or reflective sunshade to keep your fanny warm!

Bonus tip: If it is especially cold try filling your water bottle with hot water then placing a sock over it. Put it down by your feet for a personal heater at night.

Comfort can be achieved while sleeping in a hammock. If you’ve had a bad experience sleeping in a hammock in the past, give these tips a try. Then let us know what you think!  You’re sure to have the best hammock experience of your life! Happy (and comfortable) hanging![/two_third]