How to Have the Best Outdoor Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has to be one of my favorite holidays. Some of the best people crowd our table and we eat way too much delicious food and laugh way too hard. I’d say the only way the day could get much better is if we spent the time cooking and laughing and eating outside. 

If this is your plan for Thanksgiving, here are some recommendations and tips as well as some delicious recipies, check it out!


1. If you can make your life easier, do it!

You are not cooking in the comfort of your own home so easy tasks there will be much more difficult while cooking outside. If you can cut corners, bring it already made, or prepare it before, your life will be that much easier. Try store bought pie, boxed stuffing, and canned cranberry sauce. It will still be an awesome outdoor Thanksgiving. 

2. Start early

Leaving yourself plenty of time is never a bad idea. There are lots of unexpected things that can happen while cooking outdoors including the weather. 

3. Assign everyone a piece of the meal

Keep everyone feeling included and make sure the meal gets done by assigning everyone a portion of the meal. Don’t feel like you need to do it all alone!


This is just the tip of the iceburg when it comes to Thanksgiving camping recipes. If these aren’t quite what you are looking for (or you are looking for some vegetarian options) Fresh Off The Grid has some excellent recipes. 


This for me is always the most intimidating part of cooking Thanksgiving dinner. These recipes make it super simple and promise amazing results! Just remember to leave yourself plenty of time. 

Campfire Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey – 50 Campfires
This recipe is great if you have a large Dutch Oven. If not, check out the recipe below. 

Smoked Turkey – Camp Chef
Throw some wood pellets into your smoker and wait for the delicious result! 


Easy Potatoes in Foil – Damn Delicious
These look awesome and great to make over the campfire. For more even cooking, try wrapping them in individual serving sizes. 

Apple Fennel Stuffing – Fresh Off The Grid
Seriously this looks amazing.

Spicy Cinnamon & Honey Sweet Roasted Potatoes – Marking My Territory
A delicious take on the classic sweet potatoes. 


If you know you are going camping for Thanksgiving, I say make your life easy! Bring a pre-made pie and keep it in your cooler or warm it over the fire. 

Dutch Oven Apple Cobbler – Fresh Off The Grid 
The perfect dutch oven dessert for your Thanksgiving meal! 

Nutella Hot Chocolate – Fresh Off The Grid
Make a pot of this deliciousness and the party will be happy and warm while cooking!

There you have it, how to have the best outdoor thanksgiving! Hopefully you enjoy the holiday whether you spend it indoors or outside. Happy Hanging!