Is this your first time to buy a tent? You go to an outdoor sports store and you see tents of different sizes and colors, made from different materials with varying price ranges and you feel overwhelmed. What’s even worse, you go online thinking it would be easier for you to choose and you get bombarded with even more choices!

While others opt for the most popular brand they find, looking at the product description can be confusing with all the jargons you don’t usually encounter in day-to-day conversations.

So here are some of the terms to help you make a wiser buying decision:

This pertains to the number of seasons the tent can be used for in terms of its durability. The types of conditions that you can anticipate during each season are factors to consider. The 3-season tents are lightweight and ideal for spring, summer and fall while 4-season tents are heavier and can be used all year-round, especially during winter.

Basically your tent’s umbrella. There are tents that come with a rainfly already while others, you have to buy separately. 

Single or Double Wall
A single walled tent is usually water-repellent and this is the preferred type for camping locations with good ventilation as well as high alpine environments. But most tents are double-walled, meaning they have a breathable main one and a waterproof rainfly. 

These make up the framework or shape of your  tent. They can affect its strength and structure so as much as possible opt for the ones made out of aluminium alloy or carbon fiber rather than the cheaper fiberglass that breaks easily.

An extension of your rainfly, this creates an extra space in your tent. Think of it as your porch where you can leave your muddy shoes or wet clothes so that the inside of your tent stays dry and clean.

The tent that you pick out will be your shelter while spending time outdoors and so it is important to take your time and choose carefully so that your safety and comfort will be ensured and you just focus on the fun memories you’ll be collecting during your camping trip.