Top Choices for Lightweight Hiking Shoes

Your chosen footwear for your hiking or backpacking trip requires major consideration because your feet will be your main mode of transportation outdoors. With your backpack’s load, your footwear needs to be able to withstand the weight you’re carrying and guaranteed to provide comfort especially if you’re hiking long distances. Ultralight hiking shoes are great alternatives to your bulky hiking […]

How to Choose Your Paddleboard

What Size SUP paddleboard is right for you? With so many options out there these days, choosing your paddleboard can be a daunting task. And it’s no small investment, so you want to make sure to pick the right one! Below you’ll find a guide to help you pick the perfect paddleboard. One of the […]

Food Preparation Tips for your Camping Adventure

Do you have that impression that you could only eat out in a can when you’re out camping? Those days are long gone because with the increasing popularity of outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, rock climbing and backpacking, a wide variety of travel size food items are now available for us to choose from. Not only […]

Camping Tent-Related Terms You Should Know

Is this your first time to buy a tent? You go to an outdoor sports store and you see tents of different sizes and colors, made from different materials with varying price ranges and you feel overwhelmed. What’s even worse, you go online thinking it would be easier for you to choose and you get […]

How to be a Safe Campfire Starter

Are you all set for your weekend camping trip? Aside from packing your gear and supplies, don’t forget your fire starter essentials to make sure you keep warm at night, especially for cooking meals, making s’mores and if you have other activities planned like catching up, story telling, playing games or singing along a jam […]

How to Prepare for an Awesome Backpacking Adventure

As with any trip, packing can be such a pain when you don’t know where to start. Backpacking is no different, but it would be helpful if you have a checklist to guide you through so that you won’t forget anything especially the essentials to help guarantee a fun-filled and safe outdoor adventure. There are […]

Basic Day Hiking Tips

For an outdoorsy person, packing for the next hiking challenge is no longer time-consuming because he/she is already experienced and know what to do before setting off. Things like projected weather conditions, temperature, types of clothing to wear and the amount of food and water to bring for the hike – they got this covered. […]

Basic Day Hike Essentials

Hiking Gear Quick-dry clothes made of polyester or nylon to keep moisture away. Choose the ones that you can wear in layers and are light so that you can easily remove them when it gets warmer or add another layer of clothing such as a jacket when it turns colder during the hike. Wear a light […]

Why Participating in Outdoor Recreational Activities is Good for Us

There are a variety of outdoor recreational activities worth trying out. There’s fishing, kayaking, rafting, biking, rock climbing, hiking and camping to name a few. Not only are outdoor activities beneficial to your health, being out with friends and family is fun and creates a bonding moment as well. These days, there are plenty of […]

Enjoy Nature: Spend Time Outdoors

Enjoy nature, no matter what your age is. We sometimes forget that we are given this great opportunity to explore the outdoors as we are surrounded by many snowy slopes, national parks, camp grounds, hiking trails and bodies of water. Nature has a way of putting one’s mind at ease. When one wants to try […]