Millennials Love Camping

People of all generations are attracted to the idea of spending time outdoors because it is not only a type of recreational activity but it is known to also be the time to bond with family and friends, escape a routine lifestyle and just clear your minds. In recent years, there has been an increase […]

Sleep Better in a Hammock

Just thinking about lying in a hammock makes you start thinking of relaxing already. Studies have shown that there are indeed benefits in napping in a hammock. According to neuroscientists at the University of Geneva, the gentle rocking motion makes people fall asleep faster and deeper. The Swiss researchers say the changes in brain activity […]

Fourth of July Hiking Ideas

The Fourth of July holiday is fast approaching and you might have grown tired of the usual Independence Day weekend theme parties and backyard barbecue and you want to escape the busy and crowded streets.  Other people prefer to go on a road trip to get to experience the holiday weekend in a  different setting […]

Outdoor Activities to Enjoy the Fourth of July Even More!

It’s that time of the year once again and we get together with friends and family to celebrate the Fourth of July. This maybe your turn to host the holiday festivities and you are scrambling for ideas to make the event extra special. You have the food and drinks all planned out. Party invitations sent […]

Camp Site Selection: What to Look Out for

You have finally decided on the date for your camping trip and all your companions have RSVP’d. You take time off work and prepared the gear, cookware, accessories and other needed personal items. What’s missing? Among the initial things to consider that people sometimes overlook is the camp site. Depending on the number of days […]

Beach Camping Adventure : How to Get Ready

Pitching a tent at the beach is like combining your two favorite ice cream flavors in one cone. You get to enjoy the sea breeze, frolic in the sand and go surfing. During the night you can enjoy engaging conversation with your buddies at the campfire. Check out the beach campgrounds in or near your […]

Prepare the Right Getup and Essentials for your Hiking Trip

After deciding on the location, date and companions on your hiking trip, the next thing to do is to pack the essentials. Prepare your food supply and the right hiking accessories so you can fully enjoy the scenic view as you breathe fresh air. Hiking Shoes This is probably among the top three must bring […]

Reduce Stress. Explore the Outdoors.

How can you reduce stress? There is something about stepping out to the ocean or spending a weekend camping that takes the load off from. Whether it’s about work, school or personal, a change of scenery where you can stretch your legs and breathe in some fresh air. Take a walk.If you do not have […]

Get Ready for Some Outdoor Family Fun this Summer

There are better ways to spend your summer than just binge watching on Netflix. It’s time to turn off the screen. Take advantage of these fun activities that you and your family can do together. Aside from getting your eyes some much needed rest from glaring screens, camping is a proven bonding experience for the […]

Out-of-the-Box Father’s Day Activities

Skip the usual brunch or another gift shirt for Dad. With just days away from celebrating Father’s Day, here are some fun ideas to make the occasion extra special.Find an activity that your father will surely enjoy by planning one that fits his personality. If your Dad loves the outdoors, take him fishing or hit […]