“I sleep in the front seat of my truck. I lost my apartment because of my adopted kids. These kids out in the park I mean. I was trying to help them out with a place to stay and they got in trouble and kind of got me into trouble, too. I didn’t mind […]


  “I was offered scholarships for my art. I’m not trying to toot my own horn but I like my art. I can say I’m alright at it at the very least. My mom accused me of stealing her phone and she told me she was going to throw all my stuff on the side […]


  “I wake up, put my sleeping bag under a bunch of cardboard, then I come down here to the Rescue Mission and I eat lunch, and then I just walk to the library and just chill at the library. Sometimes if I go to the temp agency I can get a days work. After […]


  “I was working for a steel company 5 years ago. I was cuttin’ steel and my eyes got so bad that it was gettin’ kinda dangerous. I told them I could do the other parts of my job but I couldn’t pick orders from the lift ‘cuz I couldn’t see them. They just let […]


  “I’ve been living in the park for a year and 8 months. I choose to stay out here. It’s dangerous out there and I feel safer here. I’m actually trying to get a job. I have been looking…I have family close by but I don’t talk to them right now because…I don’t know, it’s […]


  “I was in and out of high school. I have a hard time reading books. There was one book called ‘The Key’ that I read from in jail, but I didn’t even read the whole thing. It was about global warming. The prison systems are all messed up. Our government is falling apart and […]