“I wake up, put my sleeping bag under a bunch of cardboard, then I come down here to the Rescue Mission and I eat lunch, and then I just walk to the library and just chill at the library. Sometimes if I go to the temp agency I can get a days work. After that I just go back to my camp spot and pull out my sleeping gear and go to sleep. Sometimes tweakers come to your camp spot and harass you during the night. One time I was in my tent and I hear this noise at 3 o’clock in the morning and there’s this guy, and he was out in the field with his machete acting like it’s like World War 3 and he’s the only soldier, ya know? And he was just going to town on the bushes and I’m like, this guy might kill me. But I just went to sleep in my tent. I’m like if he comes and kills me I don’t care. I’m so tired I’m just gonna’ go back to sleep. Good thing he never made it to my tent that night.”