Hammock Camping Hacks

There is nothing like sleeping under the stars. It is what I spend all winter dreaming about. That being said, there are a few things that can make camping just straight up not enjoyable. Being wet in your sleeping bag, freezing all night, spending hours trying to start your fire…use these hacks to prevent the common problems you run into while hammock camping!

Hammock Camping Hacks


No Mo’ Frozen Shoes

Maybe you accidentally fell into the nearby stream, or maybe you spent too much time in the snow and your boots are soaked through. Whatever the case, wet or frozen shoes are the worst. To dry out wet shoes replace the soles with newspaper or clothing over night. During colder temperatures place your wet shoes in a gallon bag and bring them in the hammock with you. They will still be wet, but they won’t freeze overnight!


Drip Line

Calling for rain but can’t fight the urge to get outside? Don’t worry. Make sure you bring your rain fly and set up a drip line. A drip line is just a small piece of rope or string that is tied to your hammock hanging straps. It will cause the water to drip off the string instead of into your hammock, keeping you dry and warm!


Sleeping Bag Cocoon

If you are getting an icy bum when you go hammock camping, use this trick to keep you toasty warm. Zip your sleeping bag all the way up then using your second zipper, unzip a little hole in the bottom of your sleeping bag. String your sleeping bag through your hammock (through the hole you just made). Tighten the other side of the sleeping bag so no cold air is coming in. This sleeping bag cocoon will act as an under quilt and an over quilt, keeping you toasty warm all night!


Trick Candle Firestarter

There are lots of different fire starters out there and you may have your favorite, but it never hurts to bring a back up. We suggest trick birthday candles or re-light birthday candles. They are great in the wind, super cheap, and light!


Sleeping Socks

Sleeping with wet clothes  is the WORST and socks especially. As a favor to your future self, pack a pair of clean dry socks in the bottom of your sleeping bag. Use them only at night while sleeping to keep those feet happy, dry, and warm! These socks might just be the perfect pair 🙂


Glow in the Dark Zippers

How awesome would it be to know exactly where your zipper is when you finally decide you can’t hold it one more second at 2 in the morning? Let us help you prevent disaster with glow in the dark zippers. Take glow in the dark parachute cord and tie a piece to your zippers. Glow in the dark, and extra long zippers, yay!


We hope you find these hacks useful. Let us know if you use them on your next adventure! What are some of your favorite hammock camping hacks? As always, happy hanging!