Labor Day is an awesome camping weekend. We hope you found some time to get outside with your hammock. We spent some time brainstorming and came up with some clever, useful ways to use a Hobo Hammock this weekend. Check it out! 


If you are a fan of longboarding, or skiing, try using your hobo hammock as a sail. Either hold the opposite ends of the hammock in your hands, or tie one side of the hammock to your gear and hold the opposite side in your hand. The hammock should fill with wind and allow you to be gently pulled. 

Rain Cover for Gear

Forgot your rain cover for your backpack? Use your hammock as a rain cover to keep your gear nice and dry on the trail. You could also set it up at camp and use it as a way to catch fresh rain water. Place a heavy object in the middle of your hammock. As the water begins to soak through place a container below, soon enough you will have a nice bottle full of fresh rain water! 


Set up your hobo hammock and take advantage of the shade! Sit, lay, stand, read, whatever you like to do while you get out of the sun. 


Hang your hammock then use the carrying case as a pillow! Fill the case with clothes, or whatever you have at camp and bring it into the hammock for some additional comfort. If you already have a pillow, use the case to carry things around camp. 

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Red and Orange Hammock

Bear Bag

Use your Hobo Hammock as a food bag on the trail. Place your food items in the hammock then wrap it up. It is recommended you tie the bag up at least 10 ft above ground level. You can use a carabiner or a simple slip knot to tie it up. 

Indoor Bed/Gear Storage

Hang your hammock inside as a bed, or hang it up and use it to store your gear for your next adventure. Unsure how to hang your hammock indoors? Check out this post for some great tips. 

So there you have it! Some clever ways to use a Hobo Hammock. We hope you had an awesome Labor Day Weekend. Let us know if you try any of these, we love to hear from you. Happy hanging!