Compare Hammocks

First off, I just want to clarify that all of these companies are great companies. Each one brings something unique to the table, and no matter which one you choose, you’re going to be happy with your purchase! However, we wanted to provide an in depth guide to compare hammocks. We searched through the official website of each company. Our findings are what follows.

We noticed Bear Butt advertising an incredibly low price of $39 double hammies, but after you add in the cost of shipping and straps…it’s still a good deal, but not quite as good as it originally looks. With free shipping and straps included in your purchase, Hobo Hammocks are the least expensive option. 

At 19 ounces, Hobo Hammocks are very light weight and comparable to the competition. Hobo Hammocks have a weight capacity of 540 lbs. This far exceeds the weight capacity of the competitors. Then the extras! You just can’t beat a lifetime unlimited warranty. Not to mention the recycling program and donating a meal to the homeless for every purchase. Here’s the head-to-head matchups… 

ENO vs. Hobo Hammocks

ENO vs. Hobo Hammocks: Hobo hammocks are lower cost, with a higher weight capacity, lifetime unlimited warranty, recycling, and giving back program. Keep in mind, all this information has been acquired through the company websites!

Bear Butt vs. Hobo Hammocks

Bear Butt vs. Hobo Hammocks. We love these guys. They have a pretty good gig going on. But after you factor in shipping and straps, Hobo Hammocks are actually lower cost. They’re also the same weight, higher weight capacity, similar size, and have a giving back program. 

Trek Light vs. Hobo Hammocks

Serac vs. Hobo Hammocks

Trek Light Gear and Serac Sequoia XL are both much more expensive, with a lower weight capacity, no lifetime unlimited warranty, and no recycling program.

Fox vs. Hobo Hammocks

Fox Neolite is more expensive, with a smaller weight capacity, limited warranty, and no giving back program. 

Hummingbird vs. Hobo Hammocks

Hummingbird Hammocks are so rad! But it does come at an extra cost. Hobo hammocks are lower cost, with a larger weight capacity, lifetime unlimited warranty, and a giving back program. 

Kammok Roo vs. Hobo Hammocks

When you compare Grand Trunk and Kammok Roo to Hobo Hammocks you can see they are higher cost, larger weight, with limited warranty, and no recycling program. 

The Results

So there you have it. An in depth comparison to the top competitors. When it comes to making a hammock, Hobo Hammocks has it down. They are light weight, large, have a high weight capacity, and an awesome cost! Not to mention when you buy a Hobo Hammock you receive a lifetime unlimited warranty, and donate a meal to the homeless. Don’t forget to use code hhblogfollower for $7 off your order when you purchase. How do you think Hobo Hammocks compare? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Happy Hanging!