Fall is my favorite time of year. You can finally go outside without sweating to death, you get to drink apple cider, pick pumpkins, enjoy campfires, and it is the most beautiful time of year to go camping! Here in Utah the leaves change so fast you really have to take advantage of getting outside while you can. (Check out this cool fall foliage prediction map to figure out when the leaves will change in your area.) Here is a list of things you’ll need, and won’t need, for fall hammock camping.

Make sure you add this to your fall hammock camping list! It will keep you dry in the case of a predicted or unpredicted storm. It is also a great way to keep you a little warmer as the temperatures begin to drop. The rain fly will insulate your heat and block any wind. 

One of the biggest bothers of summer camping is finally gone! There will definitely be less bugs during your fall hammock camping so sub your Skeeto Shield Hammock with a good ol’ regular Double Hobo Hammock. 

Bring: A Sleeping Pad or Underquilt

As the temperatures get colder, heat insulation will become more important while hammock camping. A light sleeping pad or underquilt should suffice for this time of year (depending on your location.) As you get closer to the freezing point you may need to add additional layers like a top quilt, as well as additional layers of clothing. 

Bring: A pillow

Aside from the additional comfort a pillow provides, it is also a way to keep your head warm! It provides an additional layer between the outside of your hammock and your head which insulates your heat. 


Don't: Camp in a basin or open area

It’s not a good idea to camp at too low an elevation as the cold will pool in basins of low elevation. At too high an elevation the tree density may decrease exposing you to the wind. It is best to look for a mid elevation area with lots of tree cover for warmth. 

There you have it, your fall hammock camping essentials! We hope you enjoy your fall. Let us know if we are missing anything from our list. Also, you should head over to our website to register for a free survival knife. Check it out here. Happy hanging and happy fall!