Skip the usual brunch or another gift shirt for Dad. With just days away from celebrating Father’s Day, here are some fun ideas to make the occasion extra special.
Find an activity that your father will surely enjoy by planning one that fits his personality. If your Dad loves the outdoors, take him fishing or hit the beach.
Another great idea besides golf or steak dinner would be to go hiking or camping. It’s never too late to start a camping tradition with your loved ones.

Here are other awesome options so you don’t need to scramble for ideas:
1. Catch a game.
Surprise your Dad with tickets for his favorite sport – baseball, basketball, tennis. Check out your local stadiums, maybe they have Father’s Day deals or offer discounts.

2. Go to a car show.
This is a special treat for fathers who are into automobiles.

3. Watch a concert.
This goes to show how well you know your father’s taste in music.

4. Buy him a camera.
Does your father love taking photos? Getting him an action or underwater camera will surely make him want to capture more moments with family and friends.

5. Try beer tasting.
Not that having the old staple is bad, but maybe have your Dad taste new flavors of beer or wine and see if he likes it.

Father's Day

In addition to your bonding moment ideas, maybe take long walks on the beach or trail and catch up. Who says Father’s Day has to be extravagant. Time spent with your parents is way more memorable than a “World’s Best Dad” mug.