Our Mission

What do hammocks and the homeless have in common? Not a lot until now! Hobo Hammocks is using our portable hammocks as a way to give back. My name is Jake Andersen and I started the company 2 years ago after spending a period of time being homeless by choice. I realized the homeless have a lot of difficult challenges they face every day and I wanted to do something about it. I teamed up with The Rescue Mission of Salt Lake so we could focus our efforts on not only feeding the homeless but also helping them find jobs and get back into an apartment. Learn more about the Rescue Mission’s program here.

I’m passionate about creating scenarios where everybody wins, and that’s exactly what Hobo Hammocks is doing every day.

For every Hobo Hammock sold we provide a homeless person with one healthy, delicious meal. So while you’re chilling in the best double hammock available today, you can relax knowing that someone out there has dinner on their plate because of you!

In our humble opinion, Hobo Hammocks are not only the best double hammocks, they’re the top camping hammock money can buy, and we want to share them with EVERYBODY! I love hearing from our customers so if you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please hit us up!

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