Making Hammock Camping With Kids Fun and Safe

Approximately 40 million Americans (14% of the population) camp every year according to the Annual American Camping Report. You can have immense fun for the entire family to pitch a couple of tents and lay out your camping stretchers and sleeping bags. And there is something that beats tossing and turning close to the ground: floating above it in a hammock. Hammock camping is skyrocketing in popularity, especially among families with children who have been known to be wary of facing the great outdoors otherwise.  Hammock camping is seen as an adventure by children. They may feel that sleeping in a tent does not meet up to their youthful, electrifying standards. That being said, if you’re going hammock camping with kids, you need to know a few things.

Why is hammock camping ideal for families with children?

Kids love hammocks and once you know how to set yours up and sleep in it properly, you will too. Chances are your entire family will end up sleeping better than you even do at home.  You may feel cramped in a tent, especially with young children rolling about. Your family will be much more comfortable in hammocks. No one is encroaching on anyone else’s space.  First-time campers may need some time to get used to getting in and out of a hammock. But everyone will soon get the hang of it after which there will be no looking back. Depending on the size of your hammock you can easily cuddle up with a small child (or let your kids cuddle up together) during the night. You won’t have to get up at regular intervals to check on them!

Things to consider when hammock camping with children

It’s easy to set up a couple of hammocks to sleep in. Remember though, there are a few things to consider when camping with your children.  Set up your hammocks above flat ground, keeping all hammocks at the same level.  It is important to invest in sturdy, good-quality hammocks that will withstand the liveliness of a spirited child. While top quilts and under quilts may seem like a good idea, chances are they will end up on the ground. Children generally do better with large sleeping bags that can envelop them completely.  Consider hanging up a large tarp to cover all the hammocks to protect you from the elements. Your children will feel more secure, especially if it is their first time camping. Don’t forget to pack your child’s favorite pillow along with a couple of battery-operated LED lights. Your transition from city mouse to country mouse will be significantly easier.

There are very few things in life that beat spending quality time outdoors with your children. You will undoubtedly create many special memories that will last forever. If you practice hammock safety and ensure that everyone is protected from the elements, your camping life will change.