Hammock Hanging Guide: For Beginners

I think one of my biggest fears before I purchased a Hobo Hammock was that the set up would be too difficult for me. I am not strong, I know nothing about knots, and my ability to eye a straight line is sub-par. When it came down to it, me being responsible for hanging something that was supposed to hold me up all night was just a little frightening. Have no fear! Trust me when I say if I can do it, you can do it. Hopefully this hammock hanging guide will answer any questions you might have and give you the confidence to hang that hammock!

On our website we have some amazing videos and some really helpful diagrams about how to hang your Hobo Hammock. You can check those out here. I thought it might be nice to run through how to hang your hammock and give some advice for all those out there that might be afraid to give it a try. 

The Breakdown

  1. Loop one end of the tree strap through the other. Cinch around the tree.
  2. Use the hammock knot to attach the carabeener to the tree strap. 
  3. Repeat with opposite side
  4. Hang! 

Really, it is that simple. There are some other considerations you can make for your own comfort and to protect the tree. For instance, you want a nice sag in your hammock. It reduces the tension on the tree which reduces the damage to the tree. If you pull your hammock tight you will also find it is less comfortable. You are looking for about a 30 degree angle between the ground and the line of your tree straps. 

How to Hang | Hammock Knot

The Knot

For sure the knot is the hardest part. But that’s also awesome because once you have the knot down the rest is easy! Here is a diagram that describes exactly what you need to do to make the knot. I may or may not have printed out this diagram and brought it with me (totally did) the first time I went camping with my Hobo Hammock. Then everything else is really, really easy. Promise. 

Tips & Tricks

  1. Comfort is different for everyone – I think the biggest tip I could give is that no person is going to get comfortable the same way. If you set it up and you aren’t comfortable, or you are hanging on the ground, try again! Practice a few times and I think you will find what works best for you. 
  2. Hammock Ridgeline Cord – Some people like to use a hammock ridgeline cord. Basically you attach a strong cord from one side of your hammock to the other. Some people say it makes their hammocking experience better because it controls the sag of their hammock. There is lots more information out there about it. Check out this video for more explanation. 
  3. The Hammock Hang Calculator – For more specific questions like how high to hang your tree straps, or a specific measurement for indoor hanging, check out the hammock hang calculator from The Ultimate Hang. It is a really cool tool!

Does it seem a little less scary now? Give it a few tries and each time it becomes less intimidating and you learn more about how you prefer to hang. Did we forget any tips or tricks in our hammock hanging guide? Tell us below! Happy hanging folks!