FB_IMG_1428201767335From our experiences, hammock hives are unparalleled when it comes to an unforgettable camping experience. We’ve been involved with hives consisting of anywhere from 3 hammocks to 20 hammocks, and each hive has provided dozens of unique opportunities and memories.

We all know that the later it gets, the more interesting and entertaining the conversation becomes. So it makes sense that when you’re out hammock hive camping with all your friends, you are sure to laugh until you can’t breathe, and then settle down for some high quality real talk about life.

Another huge opportunity that comes with hammock hives is the warmth. If it is cold or threatening to rain, all you need to do is throw a big tarp over the hive and you will keep each other warm at temperatures into the 30’s (Fahrenheit)!

If you’re looking for a cozy, unforgettable camping trip, you can’t go wrong with the hammock hive! Save on shipping by combining orders with your friends! $5 total shipping no matter how many hammocks you order!