Hammocks vs Tents

We are certainly fans of Hammocks. That being said, we also know hammocks might not be perfect for every situation. In fact when it comes to the hammocks vs tents debate, a lot of it comes down to personal preference. Sometimes it might make more sense to use a tent. In order to help you determine whether tent camping or hammock camping is best for you, we put together a list of some of the pros and cons of each (You can click on the bullets to learn more about each point!) Check it out to determine which is best for you!


Hammock Pros

Hammock Cons

Set up and take down of a hammock may be easier than a tent.

Generally a hammock will be lighter than the lightest tent. It is also very compact and easy to fit in a pack. The poles that come with a tent make it a little more bulky and difficult to pack.

Many people prefer the comfort that comes from sleeping in a hammock over sleeping on the ground in a tent. 

Aside from being a very comfortable place to sleep, it is also nice to use as a chair to lounge in after a long day of adventuring. 

No need to worry about rocky or wet ground with a hammock (which can be a big problem with a tent). All you need is a sturdy place to hang!

It doesn’t require much to set up your hammock, but you do need something sturdy to hang from. If you often camp at the desert or beach, you may find trouble finding a place to set up your hammock.

While you can easily face being cold in both your tent or hammock, your tent may provide a little more protection from the cold. To protect from the cold in your hammock you may need some kind of underquilt and overquilt. 

Unlike the tent, you are not able to store your pack with you in your hammock. This often means it is lying underneath you on the ground. While it is protected from rain by your rain fly, it may not be protected from animals, or other elements. 

Tent Pros

Tent Cons

You just have more space in a tent. You are able to store yourself and your gear easily.  

If you often camp in areas where there aren’t sturdy hanging areas, it may be easier to tent camp. Red rock desert, or beaches may be good examples of this. 

You can sleep next to your camp mates in a tent while you sleep above/below them in a hammock. 

Again, you can easily be cold in a tent. However, generally tents offer a little more protection from the cold than hammocks. 

Scouting for a good spot can be one of the toughest parts of tent camping. You need a spot that is dry, relatively flat, and without rocks. Depending on your location, that can often be difficult to find. 

It may take you longer to set up and break down a tent than a hammock. 

Tent camping in the rain can be hard. Mud in your tent, water in your tent, water under your tent, the list goes on. In a hammock elevated above the ground, a lot of these problems are non-existent. 

If you are looking for a lightweight backpacking tent you may find that it is more expensive than a hammock, and still weighs more. 

Hammocks vs Tents Summary

So there you have it. A solid list of pros and cons for both tent camping and hammock camping. For me, camping is all about comfort, and ease. I find myself reaching for my Hobo Hammock more than my tent for primarily those two reasons. If you decide hammocking is the way to go, use code  hhblogfollower for a discount! What about you? Hammocks vs tents, which is better? Happy Hanging! 

hammock camping vs tent camping