Hammocks are for Lovers

We are about a week from valentines day, so we thought it would be appropriate to post some of our favorite hammocking dates on the blog today. This is one of my favorite holidays because you spend time focusing on the reasons you love the people in your life! So bring your girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend or animal friend and enjoy these hammock date ideas.

1. Hammock camping trip

Make it a long weekend and get away with your love! Enjoy a romantic getaway cuddled up together under the stars. Go to your favorite spot, or try a new place. What better way to spend Valentines day?

2. Random hang

Go to a movie or dinner then after drive around until you find the perfect random spot to hang. Bring along your choice of dessert and enjoy the stars and being with your favorite person. 

3. Hike to the perfect hammock hang

Head out on a hike and enjoy a nice relaxing hang at the end. Hike to see the ocean, a waterfall, or a nice overlook. Take a nap at the top, enjoy the view, eat a picnic, or just enjoy a good conversation at the top. 

4. Cozy hang

Bring lots of blankets and head out into the cold to snuggle your SO at your favorite hammock spot. If allowed, you might make a fire and roast smores as the perfect tasty treat. 

5. Movie night

Set up your hammock in the backyard, string some lights, and watch your favorite movie together. This is great idea if you have kids and don’t want to pay a babysitter to escape for an evening. 

Still looking for a Valentines gift?

Want to know the best gift to give for valentines day? A double hammock! In a double Hobo Hammock you have plenty of room to snuggle up with your loved one. It comes with hammock straps, and for every purchase made a meal is donated to the homeless. Check out all the color choices here. Use code hhblogfollower for $7 off your order! 

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