Aside from the obvious reasons to love hammocks, there are also a few awesome health benefits you may not have thought about. Check them out…

  1. You may sleep better – So in 2011 a really awesome study was conducted in Switzerland. What they basically found was that people sleep better while swaying! (better as in deeper). They had 12 participants who slept in a regular bed and then in a swaying bed that mimicked the movement of a hammock. Michel Muhlethaler of the University of Geneva said this about the study “We observed a faster transition to sleep in each and every subject in the swinging condition, a result that supports the intuitive notion of facilitation of sleep associated with this procedure.”  So if you are having trouble sleeping, try a hammock! Even better, try a Hobo Hammock
  2. Better cognition – So now that we understand why you sleep better in a hammock, let’s discuss some of the benefits of a better sleep.  First, more energy. Who knows what you can’t accomplish with a little more energy. Also, better focus which can also contribute to increased productivity. So, if you want to have a killer day, sleep in a hammock!
  3. Helps reduce stress – Here is the Hobo Hammock guaranteed recipie to relieve stress. Get outside and hang in your hammock. Works for us every time.  
  4. Helps with a sore back – When you hang in a hammock there are no pressure points, unlike your bed at home. So next time you find yourself with a sore back try a hammock. You may find that it eases your discomfort.
  5. Eases congestion & more – Due to the slight upward angle of your head when you hang in a hammock you may notice your congestion is eased. This angle also helps relieve reflux. It also improves the circulation to your brain and allows for more unobstructed breathing. 

So there you have it. Some new and interesting health benefits to sleeping in a hammock. Have you noticed any of these in your hammock experience? Happy Hanging!