How To Hang

If you’ve never hung a camping hammock before, it may be a bit confusing or difficult learning how to hang. This tutorial is designed to help you master the hammock knot! We’ve broken it down in the following videos!

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How to hang

These are our 2 most popular videos and there’s a reason for that. They absolutely work. Watch these videos and become a proficient master of the hang in no time. Keep in mind that everybody is different. Some people like to hang their hammock nice and tight, while others need to keep it a little more loosey goosey. Whatever the case is for you, just do some experimenting until you find your sweet spot. I promise if you persist that you’ll find it, and it will be a glorious day. This simple knot will help you be more persistent as it takes only seconds to untie it and try again at a different length and tightness. Could it be any easier? Probably not.

How to Hang | Hammock Knot