As with any trip, packing can be such a pain when you don’t know where to start. Backpacking is no different, but it would be helpful if you have a checklist to guide you through so that you won’t forget anything especially the essentials to help guarantee a fun-filled and safe outdoor adventure. There are various articles and blogs available online to guide you through this. Depending on the time of year, the number of days and level of backpacking experience – you can find a packing list for any of this from trusted resources.

The amount of supplies – food, water, clothing – to bring depends on the how long your backpacking trip will take. If it is just for a day, you don’t have to bring as much. But if it’s a 3-day backpacking trip, you will need to plan carefully and start with the basic necessities. The weather, the trail’s level of difficulty, the distance and how long it would take to reach your destination are factors to consider when packing.

What type of backpacking adventure do you prefer?
The level of difficulty will depend on your lifestyle and preference. For the experienced backpackers, they are more physically and mentally prepared to rough it out in the outdoors for 3-5 days. Of course they have their tried and tested camping and cooking gear as well as clothing and hiking accessories for their trip.

For first-timers, they need more guidance and reminders to bring stuff that you will need in order to be prepared for any type of scenario that you might encounter in the outdoors. Staying close with the group is a constant reminder as well as not making too loud noises.

Aside from getting a physical workout and putting your mind on a temporary break from your crazy busy work or school life, choosing scenic trails and camp sites if you aim to take tones of photos during the trip could be an additional factor in choosing where to go.

“Light weight” is key.
For a multi-day trip, you need to be able to bring your camping gear as with the rest of the essentials and still be able to move comfortably. By being prepared, you are better equipped to handle outdoor emergency situations. In this instance, small sizes matter as you are able to bring with you all that you need for the trip and they can fit nicely in your backpack.