20150315_002335I tried camping in a single hammock one night of my life. It was miserable. To me, it seemed more like a half person hammock than a single hammock. I couldn’t understand why people are getting so into hammock camping. Then, at the endless requests of a few of my buddies, I tried one more time, this time with a double hammock. I’ve been addicted to hammock camping ever since.

The double hammock provides more space to get into more comfortable sleeping positions, along with the ability to cocoon yourself, providing protection from the cold wind. It also works great for a good hammock cuddle if that’s your thing. While we don’t recommend sharing a hammock for an overnighter, having a nap buddy in your hammock for an hour or two can be quite enjoyable. Hobo Hammocks are built to provide space for you to move around and get comfortable, or squeeze in your cuddle buddy for a while.

If you haven’t tried out the double hammock, you need to. Because it’s a game changer!

You can check out the Hobo Hammocks Double Hammock here. And straps come included!