As the temperatures warm up mosquitos begin to be a real nuisance. Especially for those of us who love camping in our hammocks. Do not fear! We have a few tricks up our sleeve to keep you hanging through mosquito season.

These are a great option, especially for this time of year. During the winter months, or if you don’t want to use the net portion simply flip the hammock over. Check out the video below to see how to set up a mosquito net hammock. Get our Skeeto Shield mosquito net hammock here. 

2. Avoid hanging near the water

Mosquitos lay their eggs near the water so there is often a greater number near waterways. An easy way to reduce the number of mosquitos is to move away from any water sources. 

This is a great way to keep the mosquitos away. It has no smell, leaves no residue, and kills mosquitos and ticks on contact while still being non-toxic for us. You might want to give this spray a try. 

4. Use insect repellent

In our opinion you can never do too much to get rid of these pesky buggers. It is a smart idea to bring a deet spray or lotion with you. You could also burn a citronella candle at camp for some extra protection. 

5. Avoid using strong smelling hygiene products

Mosquitos tend to pick on those that smell delicious. So, another easy way to keep them away is to not use any hygiene products that would attract them. 

6. Use a bug net

If you already have a Hobo Hammock and don’t want to add a Skeeto Shield mosquito net hammock to your collection, you might consider adding a bug net to your summer camping gear. It is a lightweight addition that will save you from many itchy nights! 

Hopefully these tips help you have mosquito free hangs this summer. Don’t forget to use code hhblogfollower for $7 off your order. Happy itch free hanging!