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Why the Knapsack (Bindle) – Do Some Good!

First things first. Bindle is technically the correct term, not knapsack. But more important than the name is what it stands for. This small, makeshift luggage was made to carry the bare necessities of the wanderer.

A couple years ago, a buddy and I decided to live out of our hammocks for the summer on an abandoned softball field. We kept all of our necessities in our cars and lived the simple life of a vagabond. Despite a couple run-ins with the police, a moth army attack, a few showerless days, and many probing questions, we loved every minute of it! There is something liberating about having everything you need with you at all times. I originally chose the knapsack (bindle) to represent the Hobo brand because it is a reflection of this lifestyle.

Bindle KnapsackWhen we lived as Hobos by choice it was in the summer. The weather was pleasant and comfortable and for the most part we had access to any amenities we needed. It wasn’t really difficult or comparable to real homelessness. Many people are stuck living on the streets throughout the year without any access to basic necessities. Things like food, water, a hot shower, or electricity. They survive the rainy days and the snowy nights with nothing more than a sleeping bag, a real knapsack, and a park bench… and most of them do it with an incredibly positive attitude! A lot of them are trying to find a way off the streets, and there are amazing organizations such as The Rescue Mission of Salt Lake that are helping with this.

Focus Outwardly

I see the bindle as a reminder that there are people struggling on the daily. Not just the homeless but everybody we meet.  Everybody has something weighing them down, and we have the power to take some serious weight off their shoulders.

If you’re anything like me the majority of your thoughts go something like this:  “I have so many projects to do and not enough time to do them”… “I’m so hungry, I want food”…”I could really use a good makeout right now”… “I need a nap”…  Every day I’m very guilty of these self-centered thoughts and so are you. But we can change that with a little effort.

It’s usually a lot easier and more enjoyable to satisfy the needs of others than it is to satisfy our own. Before we can do that, we have to know what they need. That is the purpose of the bindle. To arouse awareness. To turn our thoughts to giving instead of taking. I need this reminder. I need to have something constantly in front of me reminding me that I have friends, family, roommates, colleagues, etc. that just need a dog turd wiped off their shoe.

So go find some stinky dog turd shoes and remember that everybody is dealing with crap, not just you and me. Make an effort to discover others’ needs, fulfill those needs, and then tell me about it. Shoot me an email and share. I want to hear your bindle story!

Hobo Hammocks

Bindle Knapsack