Must Have Hammock Accessories

Are you a hammock pro, or a hammock newbie? Either way, these hammock accessories will save you time, stress, and energy when it comes to hammock camping. 

We’ve separated our suggestions into two sections; basics, and extras. If you are just starting out we definitely recommend investing in the basics first. Once you have those covered the extras section include items that will just overall make your hammock camping experience a little better. 

The Basics:

If you spend any time camping in a hammock, you are going to want to purchase a rain fly. It is really the only necessity when it comes to hammock camping accessories. There are tons of options out there all with different pros and cons. We did a post about them a while back, check it out here

Depending on the time of year you most like to camp, and the locations you are going, a bug net can be a serious life saver. There are lots of ways to purchase these, here at Hobo Hammocks we actually sell a hammock bug net combo. Check it out

For comfort and warmth while sleeping on a hammock, a sleeping pad is a necessity. Whether you prefer a sleeping bag, or underquilt and topquilt, you will still need one of these bad boys. Check this one out here

The Extras:

So a stuff sack is designed to make set up and storage of your hammock, rainfly, and bug net a breeze. Basically you sinch these snake skins to either side of your hammock or rain fly and then stuff the material inside. It isn’t a necessity, but it is a time saver! 

This is a great little extra that can be extremely helpful. It can be a real hassle to sleep with your phone, water bottle, keys, etc. with you in your hammock. Instead, fill this organizer for easy access at night. 

3. Drip Line

A drip line is a simple way to keep you nice and dry while hammock camping. You can buy this one from REI or honestly, save the money and make one yourself! This video does a good job showing how to simply attach a paracord drip line. 

This could be a great accessory to have in case of an emergency rip or tear. Although, with your purchase of a Hobo Hammock you receive a lifetime unlimited warrenty

5. Alternate Hammock suspension system

We talked all about hammock suspension in this blog post a few weeks ago. If you are looking to hang your hammock without tying a knot, check out this rope. If you are looking to add a hammock ridgeline, consider this rope

There are the must have hammock accessories. Did we leave any of your favorites out? If you are a fan of our blog head over to our social media pages for more great Hobo Hammock stuff. Happy hanging!