It’s that time of the year once again and we get together with friends and family to celebrate the Fourth of July. This maybe your turn to host the holiday festivities and you are scrambling for ideas to make the event extra special.

You have the food and drinks all planned out. Party invitations sent out. You have decided to have it outdoors and have a great view of the weekend’s fireworks display. The party can start from afternoon until the wee hours of the night and you’d hate it if your guests experience any dull moment and you are thinking of ways to make their time fun and exciting.

There are outdoor games for kids and adults alike and here are some great ideas for you to choose from:
1. Fourth of July Bingo.
Print out free Bingo cards online or you can design your own and prepare small prizes for the winners.
2. Independence Day Costume Contest.
In your party invitation, ask guests to dress up in their favorite patriotic hero and during the event, elect judges to determine the winner or maybe the one that receives the loudest applause gets the prize.
3. Patriotic Scavenger Hunt.
Perfect for an outdoor setting. Think of red, white and blue things for the kids and adults to hunt around your backyard or camp site. You can have the celebration at a festive campground if your yard is a bit limited and space and you can pitch tents where guests can rest while waiting for the fireworks display.

There are those who enjoy the parades or have their own Independence Day traditions. But for others who want to shake things up, these games ideas plus holding it in a different setting can make a typical weekend barbecue extraordinary that you, your friends and loved ones would look forward to doing again come next year.