20150503_202350If you have ever made it out to Utah, you’ve experienced the vast, endless beauty it has to offer. Whether your visit was in winter, spring, summer, or fall, Utah has it all. Last night I took to the hills east of Salt Lake City with a couple buddies. The pictures you see here at at the mouth of Parley’s Canyon, the canyon that takes you from Salt Lake City to Park City, famous for it’s incomparable ski resorts. We found a couple rocks to string up the hammock for a perfect evening view of another beautiful Utah sunset. If you haven’t experienced one, get on it!

20150503_202826Being in a place like this makes you really think about life. When I am in the mountains in my hammock I feel as if I’m losing myself and finding myself all at once. There are not words to accurately describe this transcendental experience. You’re up there and you’re looking over all that beauty and your shooting the breeze with your buddies, joking about the crazy adventures you had that weekend, and the crazy adventures you’ll have the next weekend. And the simplicity of life comes flooding back in, pushing out all your stress and worries. They’re gone, no longer a part of who you are at this moment in time.

20150503_204839In order to create the ideal set up, teamwork is often required. The rock I was sitting on in this photograph was a bit more pointed than I would have liked, and setting up these hammocks was far from what I would call a comfortable experience. The rock was unkind to my behind, and my buddy weighs about 200 lbs. He struggled to get the hammock ropes tied around the pole as I struggled to hold him up and keep the rock from violating me. All three of us laughing through it all.


20150503_205802But it was definitely worth it. Lounging over the city and laughing endlessly as story after story unfolds, passersby looking on quite jealously. We stopped to talk to some of them on our way down, and they wanted to purchase a couple Hobo Hammocks so they could do the same! I referred them to our website and they ordered the next day. It’s an incredibly rewarding experience to meet like-minded people who share your passions and have a desire to be a part of what you are building.

20150503_205503I invite you to find your escape. Step away from your current world, and make yourself a new one. One where you are free from anything that’s holding you down, and anything that is stressing you out or withholding happiness from your life. This world is beautiful…Go find it!

Peace and Love!


If you don’t have a hammock, but you think this looks like a good time, get yourself a Hobo Hammock by clicking here! You’ll be glad you did, and you’ll also be providing a meal to someone in need!