Portable Hammock Stands: What you need to know

Do you ever show up to a camp site and just cross your fingers that there is a good set up for your hammock? Or are you headed to a National or State Park that doesn’t allow you to hang from their trees? Or just out to the desert where there are no trees? Cue hammock stand. There are several different options out there. Check out a few we like.

This is a great option if you are looking for a backyard hammock stand. Due to the weight (26 lbs) it is not suited for backpackers. However, it does have a carrying case and is easy to set-up and take down. At the cost, it really can’t be beat for as a semi-portable choice. Check it out here

Cost: $96 $80

Who it’s for: If you are looking for a stand for your backyard this is a great choice. With the carrying case it is also a great stand to leave in the car for those just in case situations while camping. 

2. Ultralight Hammock Stand

At 2.8 lbs, this is the lightest option on our list. Because it is ultraportable, this makes the ideal stand if you are looking to take it on a backpacking trip. It does not come with a tarp pole attachment. Check it out here. 

Cost: $179 for two stands

Who it’s for: If you are looking for a super lightweight stand at a lower cost, this is a great option. Ideal for backpackers, or anyone who plans to lug it around with them! 

3. YOBO Hammock Stand

 This is an awesome lightweight, portable stand that is great for hammock camping. It is designed with an adjustable tarp pole attachment. It is 3.5 lbs for one stand or 7 lbs for two. Check it out here

Cost: $175 for one stand or $300 for two. 

Who it’s for: The hammock everywhere, anywhere, person. Or simply, the person who is prepared for anything cause sometimes, there just aren’t enough trees. 

4. ENO Nomad Hammock Stand

ENO offers this stand and it is a great portable hammock stand option. This stand comes with it’s own custom carrying case, and weighs about 15 lbs. This stand has a carrying capacity of 300 lbs, which is great. Check it out here. 

Cost: $249 for the whole set-up. 

Who it’s for: This is a great stand if you are looking for something with a higher weight capacity. Although it is a little too heavy for backpacking, it is a breeze to set-up and would be great to use beach side. 

5. Portable Steel Hammock Stand

This steel hammock stand weighs in at 19 lbs. This semi-portable option is still quick to set up and take down. This stand does not come with a carrying case. Check it out here. 

Cost: $69.95

Who it’s for: This semi-portable option is not ideal for backpackers. It doesn’t come with a carrying case, so this stand is best suited for those who want a more fixed stand that moves around one area.

Hopefully this post gave you a better idea about what type of portable hammock stand you need. What are some other hammock accessories you would want information about? We love to hear from you.