After deciding on the location, date and companions on your hiking trip, the next thing to do is to pack the essentials. Prepare your food supply and the right hiking accessories so you can fully enjoy the scenic view as you breathe fresh air.

Hiking Shoes
This is probably among the top three must bring items for a hiking trip. Find a good pair that is sturdy and comfortable on various terrain and weather conditions. Do your research and check out the reviews before purchasing. Make room for your socks, preferably made of wool as added protection for your feet.

This would depend on the distance of your hike and the time of  day so that you would know how much food and water you need to bring. Not too heavy or bulky and make your back sweaty so that you can focus on exploring the outdoors and capturing scenic views with your phone or camera.

Wear a moisture-wicking breathable shirt. Have a hooded thermal jacket handy that you can wrap around your waist if you feel hot and can easily put on when it starts to rain during your hike. Long pants would be advisable to avoid insect bites or minor scratches especially if you are hiking through grassy or bushy lands.

First Aid Kit
Never go without it. Same goes with your flashlight or headlamp.

Additional Items:
Quick dry undergarments
Hiking Staff
Raincoat or jacket

Most importantly, prepare yourself not only physically but mentally. The weather can be unpredictable and the terrain may be tiresome so you have to be ready. And remember, it is okay to take a breather and you don’t have to move fast. It’s not a sprint. Enjoy nature’s view, breathe the fresh air and take the trail on pace that you are comfortable with.