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  • Double Hammock – 10 ft x 6.5 ft – (300cm x 200cm) Parachute Nylon with attached pouch
  • Tested up to 540 lbs!
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Steel Carabiners, ultra strength design to keep you hanging high
  • 2 Hanging Straps, each one 10 feet long so you can hang anywhere
  • Your Purchase provides food and water delivered to the hungry in your name

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Without it, we would die. Hobo Hammocks works with the Rescue Mission of Salt Lake to help the homeless with their basic needs, one of the most crucial being water. Every time a Hobo Hammock is purchased, a meal is provided to the homeless, which will of course include water. Let the homeless know that someone out there cares!

One of our most popular colors! Our deep blue hammock with sleek gray trim will put you in a vast ocean of zen. We’re warning you though, this thing has the potential to make you late, because you’re never going to want to get out of it!

If you’ve shopped around at all for a camping hammock, you know there are a lot of options out there. You’re probably wondering, “Why should I choose Hobo Hammocks?” Easy. Here’s why:

  1. When you choose Hobo Hammocks, you are supporting a noble cause. That’s because for every hammock we sell, we provide a free meal to the homeless!
  2. If you buy from one of our competitors, you’re likely to pay $70-$100, plus another $15-$40 for straps. With us, you get the whole set up with straps included for MUCH less!
  3. All of our hammocks come with an unlimited lifetime warranty. They weigh under 2 pounds with straps and carabiners, and we’ve tested them up to 540 lbs, so if you somehow manage to break yours we will be very impressed and excited to hear the story. Then we’ll send you a new hammock for FREE!!! We have confidence in our hammocks so you can too!

In summary: we’re serving the needy, saving you time and money, hooking you up with the package deal, and getting it to you fast.

Hobo Hammocks Gray and Blue Hammock – Find Your Zen!

Wanna get a hammock AND contribute to a great cause?! Look no further!

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10 foot by 1 inch webbing straps included


Lifetime Unconditional Unlimited. We even recycle your old hammock and donate it to the homeless!


Free 1-3 day shipping


10' x 6'7"
Tested up to 540 lbs
Weighs 19 oz

Give Back

Free meal with every hammock purchased


210T 75D Nylon Taffeta


  1. Wes

    Finally the perfect hammock. Love how roomie the 2 man hammock is. My favorite part is that it comes WITH straps and is still cheaper than most hammocks similar to this one. But by the time you buy 30 dollar straps ( bc you will definitly want/need some for full enjoyment pf hammock) youve spent 100 bucks already. Not too mention its a company that gives back. Buying one puts a meal in a homeless persons belly. You did your good deed for the day.

  2. Tailgating Challenge

    Being the founder of Tailgating Challenge I’ve had the chance to review 100’s of tailgating style products. I had to chance to review this Hobo hammock and came away impressed. Check out our full review here:

  3. Customer

    This is a sturdy two-man hammock. Of course I prefer using it with a person of the other gender, but it is definitely strong enough to hold two men, plus a kid or two, and a few cats and dogs. Also love, love, love the straps and carabiners that are INCLUDED. Straps are a must, and very gentle to the trees – in contrast to just using ropes – I really like that! No matter where you buy, please don’t just use ropes cuz they can do serious damage to the trees! Thanks. And guess what, they donated a meal to the homeless on my behalf when I bought the hammock, it’s included with the deal. I really love that! Thanks Hobo Hammock people.

  4. Mary Grace Parker

    My 10 yo slept in it all night, worked great!

  5. NC

    Love my Hobo hammock! Great quality, great price, and a good cause, too!

  6. Customer

    I bought this for a Christmas gift, but gave it to my husband early. It is awesome!! Small and lightweight to carry, but strong and durable to sleep in. It has been on 5 camp outs since Sept. and another coming this weekend! Best camping item I have ever bought!

  7. Customer

    Been hammocking for a long time, and was looking for something light, and easy to use when 4 wheeling, hanging in the back yard, or at the park and decided to give the Hobo Hammock a try. I figured for the price, and donating a meal, if it wasn’t that great, no big loss…… Well, I was amazed!!! A double wide hammock, with quality stitching, quality material, with a great suspension included for the price they are being sold for = AWESOME! I have since purchased several more….. Two for the back yard, two that I leave in the trunk of our 4 wheelers, and one that I leave in my Jeep….. I LOVE MY HOBO HAMMOCKS!

  8. Alex S

    Since I had only used hammocks with a spreader bar, generally with a hammock stand, this was a whole new experience for me. I thought if I shared a bit about what I learned, it might be helpful to others.

    First of all, if you are new to hammocks, you really do need to practice a bit before you take this on the trail! Not only because you need to understand how to hang it and safely get in and out of it, but also because the knots need to tighten, and that only happens with use.

    This has simple loop straps. You place them on the tree by wrapping the strap around the tree (or post) and sliding the end through the strap. The other end of the strap goes through the caribiner clip on the end of the hammock. About 15 feet apart is ideal for this hammock. It is ten feet long and has two ten foot straps. You need to allow for the circumference of the tree, and space to hang.

    If your trees are closer together, you will need to fasten your straps higher so that you don’t end up on the ground. If your trees are much further apart, you will need to add rope, not a preferred method of hanging.

    Once your hammock has been properly tested (it took about four trials to keep mine from stretching), your goal is to have the lowest spot about 18 inches from the ground when you are in it. This will allow you to easily get in and out.

    To get in this type of hammock, begin by standing up with your hands across the back. Back up until the hammock is safely tight across your sitting area, then sit down and let it swing. Lay down into the hammock by putting you head down and lifting your feet up.

    To get out easily, you again place your arms across the back and put your feet down until they touch. Then you walk backwards to stand up. The hammock helps.

    Since this is a double, I found it harder because there was more “middle” to the hammock. In fact, once I got in, I was fully cocooned in it. Since the sun was out, it was kind of nice. I rolled the top over me and it was able to avoid the sun in my face.

    Because I am short, once I got my straps set, I was hoping to leave them up. So I contacted the seller who sent me the hammock. He stated that the straps were included in the guarantee even if I left them outdoors, so to help me use this more often, I am leaving them.

    The parachute fabric is very lightweight and breathable, and I felt comfortable lying in it. The bag is actually sewn onto the side of the hammock making it impossible to lose. Even better, it makes a great place to store my cell phone and glasses. By twisting the fabric, I was able to get the hammock back into the bag to store it.

    While this is a double, and would hold two people, given the style, they would need to be able to work together. I made a decision NOT to invite my granddaughter to share it with me in my first trials, knowing one or the other of us would be injured.

    Unfortunately, we only had a few days of decent weather to get used to this between storms, but I will be continuing to put it out any time we have decent weather to enjoy myself. I think that is what I like best about it, it is easy to store and very easy to hang.

  9. John Sutich

    I love my hobo hammock. The material is as durable as advertised and it has become my main hammock

  10. Customer

    Great hammock! So much fun ! Every couple needs one.

  11. Jennifer Burkhart

    Cool hammock!

  12. Customer

    Great quality, great service, and even greater cause.

    Bring this hammock on every adventure as it is durable enough for whatever it’s put through and lightweight for carrying in my pack for any multi-mile hikes I do.

    Hobo Hammocks rock!

  13. merry

    Love these hammocks, everyone wants to know where we got them. Great quality and great price on product. Super impressed that they are quick and carefree.

  14. Customer

    My daughter LOVES her hammock! She said that it was very comfortable.

  15. Kari L. Whitney

    Buy this hammock! It is so easy to hang, and so comfortable. I love it, my kids love it. It’s perfect and packs up small for camping.

  16. Suzanne Acosta

    Very comfortable for two people to relax in! Can’t go wrong with this hammock.

  17. Todd McNett

    Comfy hammock, lots of room for a big guy like myself.

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