(DOUBLE) Gray and Bright Pink Hammock – Pink Panther

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  • 1 Parachute Nylon Double Hammock (10 ft x 6.5 ft) with attached pouch
  • Tested up to 540 lbs!
  • 1 Lifetime Unlimited Warranty
  • 2 Steel Carabiners, ultra strength design to keep you hanging high
  • 2 Hobo Straps, each one 10 feet long so you can hang anywhere
  • 1 Delicious Meal delivered to the hungry in your name

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If you like to think pink, then this pink hammock should be number one on your “to buy” list. Whether you’re out camping, hanging in your bedroom, or just chillin’ in the backyard, you’ll be making a bold statement with this beautiful bright double sized pink hammock with a nice gray trim around the edges. Get ready to relax in style!

If you’ve shopped around at all for a camping hammock, you know there are a lot of options out there. You’re probably wondering, “Why should I choose Hobo Hammocks?” Easy. Here’s why:

  1. When you choose Hobo Hammocks, you are supporting a noble cause. That’s because for every hammock we sell, we provide a free meal to the homeless!
  2. If you buy from one of our competitors, you’re likely to pay $70-$100, plus another $15-$40 for straps. With us, you get the whole set up with straps included for MUCH less!
  3. All of our hammocks come with an unlimited lifetime warranty. They weigh under 2 pounds with straps, and we’ve tested them up to 540 lbs, so if you somehow manage to break yours we will be very impressed and excited to hear the story. Then we’ll send you a new hammock for FREE!!! We have confidence in our hammocks so you can too!

In summary: we’re serving the needy, saving you time and money, hooking you up with the package deal, getting it to you fast, and providing you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!  What more could anyone ever ask for?! Feel free to hit us up with any questions!

Hobo Hammocks Pink Hammock with Gray Trim – Bold Relaxation!

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10 foot by 1 inch webbing straps included


Lifetime Unlimited Unconditional – We even recycle your old hammock and donate it to the homeless!


Free 1-3 day shipping!


10' x 6'7"
Tested up to 540 lbs
Weighs 19 oz

Give Back

1 meal to the homeless with every purchase


210T 75D Nylon Taffeta

15 reviews for (DOUBLE) Gray and Bright Pink Hammock – Pink Panther

  1. Megan Donoghue

    Absolutely love this hammock – the most affordable on the market and so super light and compact without sacrificing any quality. Cables and straps are super sturdy and safely hold the weight of both myself and husband, and we love that our purchase facilitated a donation towards a meal for the homeless. A very socially conscious company. Absolutely recommend.

  2. Sheena Huppi

    I bought my Hobo Hammock for husband and I to use and our three kids have completely takin it over! We love how light, easy to pack, great quality and user friendly it is. Everything you need comes with it! Their website has a great tutorial on how to set up your hammock. Very fast shipping! So happy with ours that we will be buying a couple more!

  3. Customer

    Absolutely LOVE my hammock!! It’s super durable, easy to set up and take down, and great cause and customer service. I debated between spending more on a hammock but I’m so glad I went with this one. The quality is so durable. I’ve left it out in the rain and wind multiple times on accident, and it’s still as sturdy as ever. It’s also easy to pack into it’s attached pouch! If you’re looking for a great hammock that’s easy and reliable this is the one you want!

  4. L Gray

    I ordered this for someone for Christmas and can’t wait for them to open it. Now I just need to get one for myself.

  5. Heather Speer

    I bought as a gift for my daughter and she loves it! She has recommended hobo hammocks to her camping friends!

  6. Isaac

    bought one of these on the hobo hammocks website, its a great hammock that helps the homeless. don’t feed corporate business buy from small businesses like this one. ENO hammocks are just money mongers that charge too much for the same product that’s mass produced in china, AND they CHARGE Extra for the hang straps! who does that? buy from hobo hammocks that feeds homeless and give you the same great product WITH hang straps INCLUDED no extra price. and Jake will treat you right too.

  7. Customer

    Absolutely love the hammock! It comfortably fits my girlfriend and I and is super easy to set up and take down! Not to mention it saves space in the hiking bag.

  8. Emily

    I am loving my new hammock! Everything was so straightforward when setting it up, it is made of a sturdy comfortable material that doesnt pick up leaves and debris when it is laid out on the ground to be folded up. Also, getting it to fit in the stuff sack is no fight like some equipment can be.
    The thing that sold me on this hammock was the lifetime garuntee, just send them the ripped hammock and they send you a new one. Plus its just so comfy!!
    The strap length is generous without being too long, hasnt hurt any of the trees I’ve hung from so far 🙂

  9. Caitlin D Kennedy

    This hammock is well made, with strong nylon. For my 2 year old daughter and I camping this was the prefect purchase for us for when we go camping. The fact that it came straps was a great bonus. The only thing I would change is that I only bought one. I will definitely be buying another in the future for her to have one of her own, instead of sharing mine. She absolutely loves sleeping in this hammock and would sleep in it all the time, if I let her choose between it and her bed. It is that comfortable! It is just an added bonus that each purchase of the hobo hammock also buys a meal for a homeless person.

  10. Ryan

    The hammock is great, affordable, super strong and it feeds a person. That’s a pretty great combo.

  11. Ian

    Finally had a chance to set this hammock up this weekend.

    Absolutely love it. The included straps are easy to use and it took about 2 minutes to go from two trees to swinging in the breeze.

  12. Shannon P.

    This is a quality hammock that my 11 year-old daughter absolutely loves. I’ve had a doublenest ENO hammock for years and this double hammock from Hobo Hammocks is constructed just as well and even looks to be slightly larger than the ENO. The parachute material is very lightweight and the colors are nice and vibrant. Not having to order straps separate was a bonus and after watching the instructional knot-tying video a couple of times, my daughter and I both had the straps secure and the hammock hanging in a flash. She is looking forward to many great camping trips with her new Hobo Hammock!

  13. Barbara

    Ordered it for my granddaughter. She loves it and it is as strong as the description says.

  14. Todd A. Cox

    Wife loves it!

  15. Adele

    Totally Awesome Hammock! Made really well and is really large and comfortable!
    I got the pink one and it’s really pink! Luv it!
    Really great also that each purchase gives a meal to some one in need, good karma !
    Easy to put up and easy to store, very small to store in back pack or suit case.
    I had the hammock set up in the house practicing the knot, (they provide a really cool helpful video to help learn the knot)
    A friend stopped by with his 3 little kids and they thought the hammock was the best nap place ever, they took a 2 hour nap! Fun Functional and great product

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