How can you reduce stress? There is something about stepping out to the ocean or spending a weekend camping that takes the load off from. Whether it’s about work, school or personal, a change of scenery where you can stretch your legs and breathe in some fresh air.

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  1. Take a walk.
    If you do not have the time to go hiking and there’s no trail near your area, take your dog with you on a stroll or invite a friend to the park and catch up. Not only are you getting free exercise, but you get to bond with your companion and drive down your stress level.
  2. Go camping.
    Away from distractions, sleep and rest well with nature in the background. Research says that staying away from artificial lighting can help you sleep better. Your body gets to relax and reset as well.
  3. Take up gardening.
    Get your hands dirty and get some work out with some garden work. Garden lovers swear by the therapeutic benefits of spending time outdoors and tending to your garden – to see your plants grow and beautify your surroundings as you reduce stress.
beach camping

There are people who enjoy taking a dip in the pool or heading to the beach for sun and sand. Others reduce stress by doing yoga or playing sports like that of touch football, volleyball or tennis.

Maybe it takes a change of scenery to get you recharged and return to work inspired by your outdoor experiences. Maybe it takes a fresh look at what’s outside the four corners of your home or office to come up with a new perspective in overcoming the pressure.

If you spend most of your days working, being glued to a computer or binge watching, research shows that indulging in activities outside your usual routine can be very helpful as these provide fresh insights and replenish your eagerness to get things done home or work-wise.