Hammock Games

We have created some pretty awesome lists of things you can do with hammocks (see that here.) But we have never shared games you can play with a hammock. As the weather is warming up, we thought now would be the perfect time. Family reunions, camping trips, and birthday parties, will all be a little more fun with our list of hammock games. So grab your hammock, and get to playing! 

Musical hammocks:

Number of participants: 3+

Tools needed: One hammock for everyone playing. 

Rules: This game is played just like musical chairs except with hammocks. Set up one less hammock than you have people in a circle-type formation. It is a good idea to set them up low to the ground to avoid injury when the game gets competitive! 

The perfect square:

Number of participants: 5+

Tools needed: Hammock tree straps, or rope and something to blindfold participants. 

Rules: Seperate participants into groups of 5-10. Have everyone grab a portion of the rope then set it in front of them. Place the blindfolds on. The group will then need to attempt to form a perfect square with the rope. To increase difficulty only allow a few team members to talk. 

Dragon's Tail:

Number of participants: 4+

Tools needed: Hammock tree straps, or a section of rope for each team. 

Rules: For this game you will need to break into two even teams. Each team member will then need to grab onto a portion of the rope/tree straps, or you could also tie them together. You have now formed your two “dragons.” Standing in a straight line, the first person on your team will be the dragon head and the last person in line will be your dragon tail. The object of this game is for the dragon head to stick a sticker

Flip the hammock:

Number of participants: As many as can fit on one hammock.

Tools needed: One hammock.

Rules: For this game you will place the hammock on the ground. The entire team will stand on one side of the hammock. The object of this game is to get everyone onto the opposite side of the hammock without anyone touching the ground.

Hammock Festival

Hammock stack:

Number of participants: 2+

Tools needed: One hammock and hanging straps for each participant. 

Rules: For this game just see how many hammocks you can stack on top of each other, then enjoy the hang! Some stacks can get pretty epic. 

Hammock race:

Number of participants: 4+

Tools needed: Two hammocks. 

Rules: Divide into two teams, each with an even number if possible. Designate a starting line and a finish line. The goal of this game is to be the first team to get all your team members across the finish line. The only way to transport your team members from the starting line to the finish line is by carrying them in a hammock. Only two people can carry the hammock at a time. 

Hammock balloon toss:

Number of participants: 4+

Tools needed: Two hammocks per team, several water balloons. 

Rules: This is a simple game that can be super fun. The object of this game is just to toss a water ballon from one hammock to the other without popping it. Each successful toss team members take a step back. The winner is the last team with a balloon intact! 

These hammock games can add an extra level of fun (and competition) to any event. Give them a try and let us know what you think! Happy hanging!