Campout in a Hammock

20150524_084421A few weeks ago, we took the first Hobo Hammock on it’s first camping adventure! Destination? Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado. It was about a 6 hour drive from our home in Salt Lake City. As we drove down south we were getting a lot of rain and we were a little nervous about how camping would be.

The experience was a far cry from glamping (camping with the same luxuries you would expect to find in a hotel or home) but luckily, our buddy Mikey got a 30 ft x 20 ft tarp that covered us all. The rain came blasting down pretty hard both nights, but we stayed dry under the tarp. Craig got to deflower the first Hobo Hammock. Before the Hobo Hammock, he had been using a single nest ENO hammock. He said he found the Hobo Hammmock to be much more comfortable for him. You can check out his breakdown of the hammock right here!

Campout in a hammock

In the daytime, the weather cleared up really nice. We were able to check out some pretty awesome cliff dwellings of the Hopi Indians. It was pretty wild to think about the way they would have had to climb up and down those cliffs to get to their homes. We had an amazing time, made possible by both an amazing and accommodating national park as well as awesome sleeping arrangements with hammocks and a giant tarp!

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