What people remember after their camping or hiking trip differ from person to person. Others remember the breath-taking views they got to witness firsthand, others reminisce about the interesting conversations they had with their companions during a campfire jam. 

There are also those who associate their memories with food and recall fond experiences through the food they had on their backpacking trip

Either enjoying a hot cup of coffee and pancakes in the morning or sharing pasta or soup for dinner, we are reminded of the fun we had during our hiking or backpacking trip with the meals we shared with our friends or family.

If you are in the market for lightweight stoves for your next outdoor activity, we have picked the five most popular backpacking stoves for this year:

1. MSR WindBurner
Price: $150
Weight: stove and pot weighs 15.5 ounces
Type: Integrated canister stove

This stove is convenient and known for its excellent wind resistance so you don’t have to worry about stiff winds reducing stove efficiency. This would be perfect when you backpack in exposed and windy locations. It works well for heating freeze-dried food that just requires adding water and it heats up water pretty quickly for your coffee or soup.

2. Jetboil MiniMo Stove
Price: $135
Weight: stove and pot weighs 14 ounces
Type: Isobutane-propane canister stove

This stove is a complete cooking system that’s known for its fast boil, convenience and efficiency. It has a sturdy handle, push-button igniter and impressive simmer control. Many backcountry travelers are delighted with its better cooking functionality. For better handling, the pot is wrapped in a neoprene sleeve and its stout build offers stability over the flame and you can easily eat out of it as it doubles as a bowl.

3. Camp Chef Stryker Multifuel Stove
Price: $67
Weight: 27 ounces
Type: integrated canister stove

What sets this stove apart from the others is its ability to work with both propane and butane. It is known for its great performance and affordability. It does not boil as fast or as light and compact as the MiniMo but its piezo igniter works well.

Not only does food nourish our tired bodies from the long hike and other outdoor activity, it also adds to the overall experience. One way of making sure that you get to serve the best meals during your outdoor adventure is having the top choice backpacking stove as part of your cooking gear.