Hammock camping with kids can definitely be tricky. Check out these tips below and also check out this post from The Ultimate Hang for more great information about hammock camping with kids. 

1. Prepare Before

Set up the tent or hammock and do a test run with your kids. Talk about camping, read books, answer questions, or get them excited about it with this awesome felt activity wall.

2. Educate Them

There are so many things to discuss and explore while in the great outdoors. Download a constellation app or print off some constellation charts (check out this awesome post) and bring them with you. Or, learn about wildlife in the area and scout for tracks together. There are so many possibilities, just choose something you are passionate about and share your passion with them! 

3. Helpful Supplies

There are so so many helpful supplies out there for camping with kids. Here are just a few we thought were awesome. 

  1. Glow Sticks – These are great for so many things! They are the perfect amount of light for the tent/hammock if you have a little who is afraid of the dark. Or, put them in water bottles and play glow in the dark bowling! Other game options: ring toss, hopscotch, or tic-tac-toe!
  2. Portable High Chair – Speaking from experience, this would be an awesome thing to have at camp. There are tons of different options, but I like this one because it folds up to a normal camp chair so it won’t take up tons of room in the car.
  3. Sunscreen with insect repellent – It can be such an ordeal to get the kids sunscreened and then spray that nasty smelling bug spray on them. Try this sunscreen with insect repellent in it. 
  4. First Aid Kit – This is an absolute necessity when camping with kids. We keep a large first aid kit in our car with everything we could need, then a smaller waterproof one with us for little cuts and scrapes. 

4. Hammock Set-up

When hammock camping with kids, the hammock set-up can be especially important. The hammock should be secure, and low enough to the ground that the child can easily get in and out of it. For everyone’s comfort, and for warmth, it is important that everyone sleeps in their own hammock. However, you can set up the hammocks close together so the child hopefully doesn’t feel too far away from you.

5. Staying Warm

It can be difficult to keep all the warm layers in place with young kids. You might try the sleeping bag cocoon method with them – zip the sleeping bag around the hammock so it acts as an under quilt and over quilt. You can also try placing the sleeping pad inside the sleeping bag so it doesn’t move around as much. Another trick is to use quilt clips. They are an easy way to keep your under quilt from moving around in the night.

6. Involve Them

Help them build lasting memories by keeping them involved! Ask them to help set up the hammock or tent, help cook dinner, roast smores, and anything else you might be doing. 

Hopefully these tips come in handy the next time you go hammock camping with your kids. Happy hanging!