hammock straps
Hammock Straps

What is a Hammock Suspension System?

Simply put, your suspension system is whatever you use to keep your hammock off the ground. Suspension systems can range from amazingly simple to amazingly complex.

You have some that are great if you are looking for lightweight, some allow for a larger distance between trees, and some connect everything on a single system. There is no one best system it is just whatever works best for you. You may even notice that some set-ups are better in different conditions. 

Types of Hammock Suspension

For the beginner

Daisy Chain – This is the absolute simplest system out there. It does not require you to tie any knots you simply attach the strap around the tree and clip your carabeener into one of the holes. This one is from Kammock for $22. 

For the intermediate

 Tree straps – This is the type of suspension system you receive when you purchase your Hobo Hammock. They are the next simplest option as they require one knot to attach your hammock to the straps. Check out this video to see how tree straps work. 

This may be the most common way to hang your hammock just because there are so many different variations of this suspension system out there. If you are looking for some light-weight options, check out this great post


For the advanced

Hammock Ridgeline

So a hammock ridgeline isn’t technically a suspension system, but it is something you may want to add to your current suspension system.

  1. What? A ridgeline runs from one end of your hammock to the other. It can be a fixed length or adjustable. In the graphic above you an see the ridgeline is the straight red line running from one end of the hammock to the other.
  2. Why? A hammock ridgeline is great because it sets the sag in your hammock so you have the most comfortable hang. You can hang things off it or you can hang your bug net over it. 
  3. How? There are tons of different ways to set up your hammock ridgeline. Check out this video or head over to Hammock Forums for some great ideas. 

Single Line Suspension 

So this is definitely the most complicated suspension system of the ones I have listed here. Basically, with a single line suspension you use one line for all your hammock set-up. Using some hammock rope you would attach your hammock to your straps, then build your ridgeline, and then attach the other side of your hammock to your straps. If it is completed successfully, it may be less work than manually adding a ridgeline just because you will not need to tie as many knots. Check out this post for more info. 

What is your current hammock suspension system? Why do you love it? We love to hear from you! Don’t forget to use code hhblogfollower for $7 off your order, and check us out on social media!