If you ever want to surround yourself with amazing people, then find yourself a hammock festival. This past weekend we had the opportunity to hang at the Utah Hammock Festival at the CLAS Ropes Course in Provo, UT. It was put on by Weekend Voyagers and the event included an attendance of over 300 people! Some of the activities included canoeing, zip lines, food trucks, spike ball, volleyball, campfires, outdoor movies, and of course, hammocks!


The hammock festival reminded me once again of why I love hammocking so much. While hanging in your hammock is an amazing feeling, there is so much more to love! Like the people for example. Never have I met more relaxed, friendly, low-key, chill, fun loving, kind-hearted, pleasant people. A few good friends (Spencer Pugmire, Benji Cole, and Sam Clyde) joined me at the festival to help spread the word about Hobo Hammocks. We all had a real good time telling people why hammocking is such a great thing. Festival guests saw our excitement and reflected it. People at these events are the most friendly, fun, excited about life people you’ll ever meet. It made me want to forget the world, go back to my hobo days, live out of my hammock, and start a hammock community! Maybe one day, if we’re lucky, hammocks will replace houses.

For instructions on how to climb a hammock ladder, check this video out!

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If you have a hammock ladder pic, we wanna see it! Send it to hobohammocks@gmail.com and we’ll feature your shot on our instagram and other social media sites! If you don’t have a hammock ladder pic, then maybe it’s time you make yourself a hammock ladder! Just make sure you don’t take it higher than you are comfortable with.

Stay good, happy hanging, and always have lots of fun!