Weekend Voyagers!

It doesn’t matter what season it is, the outdoors can always offer you something truly unique and special. And Weekend Voyagers is here to prove that! Check out their YouTube channel and you’ll see how to have a good time!

Weekend Voyagers are all about having fun! They aren’t afraid to try new things, and go new places. It’s funny how often in life we have these ideas that seem like great things to do, but we are lazy and we find reasons not to do them. We say things like, “I don’t want to be in a car that long.” Or, “I have other things I need to get done.” Let me tell you something. While it’s easy to find a reason not to go, these are all terrible excuses that are stopping you from enjoying the beautiful things in life. Get out there and do stuff!

Weekend Voyagers understand this idea, and live it to the max. If you have places you want to go, what’s stopping you? Why haven’t you gone yet? Think about whatever reasoning you are giving and ask yourself if it is really good reasoning…I would bet that it is not.

Get out there

So go swing on that giant rope swing, swim through that waterfall, and sand surf behind that jeep. We don’t regret doing these things in life, so why do we make excuses not to do them?! It’s insanity really. I absolutely love the message that Weekend Voyagers conveys, and I respect that they don’t let anything get in their way. I think we could all learn a valuable lesson and enjoy life a little bit more by following in their footsteps!

Because of their perspective on life, these guys don’t hold back on adventure, and are ready for whatever comes their way! If you have any adventure ideas that you’d like to see Hobo Hammocks sponsor, email your ideas to us at helpmehang@hobohammocks.com

Happy Hanging!